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The New Giant Update Is Out After A Long Wait, Groups 2.0 Redone! Create Your Own Groups! More Soon!

Groups 2.0 re done! New features, a completely new social media service on our site and app, but mostly site since we all know it's better and we can't stress enough online/the site is better etc. Create your own group/community, rules etc. You name it. Request to join locked/private ones, or create your own! Or join the main community one built by me!

With the launch of groups 2.0 comes many new features, and us bringing back groups which we once had, but completely re done hence 2.0. And a bunch more things and on the app to, because this is a giant update, and this is just one new and main thing/feature about the new giant update. In this post we will talk about what groups is, where to access it, new features in this/groups, and a few new changes/in this update also. But there was so so many most you will have to just discover! BECAUSE THIS IS ONE OF OUR BIGGEST UPDATES YET. We were anticipating releasing it almost a month ago, but then the end of vacation and start of school started for me/thee Cash Richard, but now i am back to po$ting and wont take a break again like this, even tho i really did not. This also means never really and breaks from updates in the future even when school starts and summer vacation towards the end again, more blog posts/articles/writing, and on all of the category's, also on updates and more patch note updates blog posts in the future to keep you informed, but most of the small stuff gets posted in the forum main here. MORE POSTS OF EVERYTHING ESPECIALLY FORUM MAIN AND SOMEONE HERE TO! MOSTLY FORUM MAIN AS WE HAVE BEEN BACK AND NEVER REALLY TOOK A BREAK SO GO CHECK OUT MY AND EVERYONE'S PO$T$™ AND UPDATES FROM THERE TO ETC.

Groups 2.0 new redone!

New with the groups 2.0 re done/new feature and social media service/platform we have is,

Some of the other updates, but there are so many so we can only list some here, and others eventually over time, or as we do them and in the future and past on the forum main where you can interact to here. Check the forum main/our main platform and social media platform for Cash Richard's and peoples po$t$/posts on new updates etc., to!

Update part 1 of the and giant updates!

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