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"Monetization"/tips or tip$!
Monetization/trips on our site/app, and social media services and account/profile whether public or private services and so much more etc. Creators, normal people like you and more/so much more etc./do we pay creators who post on the social site and or who have an account/members/public/private profile/account on the site/online site/app and so much more and our services etc. Short answer in title, you cant make money from "we" / "us" but you can from site members/accounts/public/and or private accounts if you promote your payment apps where you can get payed on which we allow, examples below. We are working on adding more methods, and more in the future especially once we get more members/public accounts, and mostly people posting on our social media services and third party advertisers in the future etc. around our social media services, account/profile and members services, and everything else/all & so much more etc. 

We do not pay anyone on the site let alone people who have any badges/verified badges and or any badges on the site. This could be different in the future of course for site workers/real contacted/and or not contracted collaborators which would be worked out in some way. Anyone who posts on the site, interacts with the site/social site, interacts with another member/messages them, customizes there profile, makes it public and or private/private, no one on the site no matter the status, following count, etc. gets payed and mostly on the social site/profile/member/public mostly but sometimes private account system. This of course is different if we reach out to you, do something with a contract, you work for us, or we have a special deal with you because you are a brand, or you are a payed collaborator and or we pay you to promote us etc. by you contacting us at our site emails. We only reach out to people we want to work with and rarely we respond to emails of smaller people wanting to work with us because of liability risk, we support everyone but laws are tricky. But..., you can make money on the social site techically by the system that a few social media services/apps/sites have online by promoting payment apps that pay you, example your Cash app, Venmo, etc. you put it in your profile with the new field that says you can pay me on these apps/services and or online. Along the lines of that, you can fill that new filed out that says something along the lines of that under your profile/account settings here. This right now, and most likely for ever is the only way to get payed on the site. But there is one more way that basically goes with the account/member profile/member/profile public/or private account you can pay me at filed, it is we allow you to every once in a while create a post in all of our social services we offer, example or forums, and or forum 1 main/Twitter like forum 1, Instagram like social, Reddit like social/Forum 2/Groups 1/Groups etc. You can create posts saying please donate to me being honest just saying no reason, unless you have a valid reason, and you are legally being honest, you can advertise honest sites that you have ways for people to pay you on. Some we allow are Cash App, Pay pal, Venmo, Go fund me but only legally and honestly and so many more+ etc. Along the lines of apps like these. We will need to review more posts like these and profiles/accounts/public/and or private accounts like these to review that you are using safe services, and advertising ways to get payed in a safe, friendly, no spam way, no to often, and ways that does not cam anyone else, get there info, share your info, etc. This also cannot be the only reason you post and or sign up to the site/create a public and or private profile on the site and/post on the social site online/use the site/services/all of them. If you are not sure your way of getting payed is safe email us to check at our two emails @ and or and or Its better to get checked then to get a post/profile/account/member deleted, suspended, and or reset etc. with something along the lines of this. You may not personally message people and ask them for money also, and you may not ask for personal bank details, and or personal details/and personal details from anyone no matter the circumstances. Do it off the site, even then it should not be done in the first place. All of our policy's on the site, every single one including any new ones added, especially the TOS, terms of service, which goes a lot words the social site, applies to this also and you most read all of those policy's, so you can best understand this way to make money on the site, and follow our guidelines and report anyone who is not, and we are legally no responsible if you don't read those policy's but they all automatically apply just from you viewing the site as a guess even if you don't have an account, even if you do though. It will also help you apply this new "feature" / way to make money on the site better/self promo. We also do want you to make most of your self promo/donate to me posts under the self promo category's especially under both forums and especially the forum 1 main/Twitter like forum 1 main. You also legally agree that this automatically applies to the TOS, terms of service as said in it, and all other site policies, and all policies in the future. Just to touch up to add links to your profile/donate to me links, safe links/safe website/app links only, go to your profile and or your account page when logged in to your site account. 

Another way is linking these third party easy/free to sign up and in/and use payment apps is linking them in your profile as we have some fields where you can self promote them on your public account/profile. Example screenshot below. 


Another way is throughout our social media service specific category's, and social media service. One example is from our forum 1 main/Twitter like forum 1 main and main site/app and social media service we offer specific category for this $.

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