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At Po$t, CRS, we believe in empowering our creators and users to monetize their content and engage with the community. While we don't directly pay creators for their posts or contributions, you have the opportunity to earn through payment apps by promoting them on your public or private profiles. We currently support a few payment apps and are actively exploring additional methods. As our community grows, so will the opportunities for monetization, including potential collaborations with third-party advertisers.

Join us on CR Social to discover the many possibilities for earning, connecting, and engaging with our vibrant online community.

Earning Opportunities on Po$t, CRS: Policies and Guidelines

At Po$t, CRS, we appreciate the diverse and dynamic community that contributes to our platform. To ensure clarity and transparency, we want to outline the policies regarding earning opportunities on our platform.

1. General Payment Policies:

  • As of now, Po$t, CRS does not provide monetary compensation for user activities, including those with badges, verified badges, or "creator" status.

  • Exceptions may be made for contracted workers and collaborators based on individual agreements/contracts.


Note: In the future, we would love to give users a share of the ad money, from members/creator ads when they are in your po$t$ comment/replies section. This would be for member/creator/company ads who have advertised with us strictly, and not Google ads. This would be to compensate you some of the money for the ad being in your replies section, depending on if you are a creator with us, how many views your po$t have, followers, etc. Depending on how much the creator/member has spent on their advertising, how many po$t$ they have decided to put it on, and how long it has been on yours and how successful it went. E.g. a creator/company spends $250 boosting/advertising their po$t, or video/website link, they choose your po$t comments, and 1 other, you would likely get $5 - $50 just for that one ad. All depending, if the advertiser did not switch the po$t$ they wanted it on, with the 2 po$t limit, and for the most part they have no limit on switching which po$t$ comment/replies section to put it on during there ad time. But for now they will just be in some comments/replies on po$t$ without compensation, but we hope to have a system for this in the future for members/creators who are under the creator status, with certain badges, & po$t$/profiles in which meet the advertisers liking. More here:

2. Earning through Self-Promotion:

  • Users have the option to earn through self-promotion by showcasing payment apps like Cash App, Venmo, etc., in their profiles.

  • A designated field in the profile settings allows users to display information about payment apps.

3. Posting Donation Requests:

  • Users are permitted to create occasional posts across various CR Social services explicitly requesting donations.

  • Honest and legal advertising of payment platforms like Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, and GoFundMe is allowed.

  • Responsible and safe promotion is encouraged, aligning with legal and ethical standards.

4. Safety and Legality:

  • We reserve the right to review posts and profiles to ensure the use of safe and legal payment methods.

  • Users are encouraged to seek verification if unsure about the safety of their earning methods.

5. Restrictions:

  • Posting for donations should not be the sole purpose of using Po$t, CRS.

  • Users are prohibited from personally messaging others for money or soliciting personal bank details.

6. Policy Adherence:

  • All CR Social policies, including the Terms of Service (TOS), apply to earning opportunities on the platform.

  • Users are responsible for reading and understanding these policies, as ignorance is not a valid excuse.

7. Reporting Violations:

  • Users are encouraged to report any violations of these guidelines and policies for prompt action.

By engaging with Po$t, CRS users automatically agree to these policies and any future updates. Need help? Please email us at & business@crsocial.netYou can also visit our contact page with our email form!

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Another approach, you could create a standalone po$t every once in a while, specifically on your profile, if you choose to utilize this method. This provides a dedicated area for you to share your donation information without impeding the general interaction flow.

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