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If you need to request account reactivation, address a suspended, banned account, resolve issues related to account deletion, or anything else, please follow these steps to contact us:

  1. Visit our website and go to the "Contact us" or "Help center" page. You'll find relevant links or buttons for reaching our customer support.

  2. On the support page, you'll find contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, or a support ticket system. Choose the method that suits you best.

  3. Send us a detailed message explaining your situation. Provide information such as your username, email address, or any other account details that can help us identify your account.

  4. Clearly describe the specific issue you are facing, whether it's a request for reactivation, appealing a suspension or ban, or any other account-related problem. Include any relevant information that can assist in resolving the issue.

  5. Before contacting support, make sure to read and understand our Terms of Service (TOS) and other site policies. These documents outline our legal standpoint, your rights, and your responsibilities. You can find the main policy or TOS at this link: The link will open in a separate window.

We appreciate your understanding and compliance with our site policies. 


I want to reactivate my account, is it possible?

If you have requested account deletion, have been suspended or banned permanently, or if your email has been blocked on your account, please follow the instructions below.

If you requested account deletion, it is possible to recover some account data by attempting to sign in again within 30 days of the deletion. Alternatively, you can try signing up again using the same email and details for a chance to recover some of your data. Please note that once you request your account to be banned or deleted, your account information, po$t$, and name on our social platform, Po$t, CRS, may be permanently deleted immediately or within the standard 30-day period, depending on various factors such as how busy we are. Any unused credits, gift cards, or promo codes may also become unavailable. If you wish to continue using the site, you will need to create a new account, even if it's with the same details, with a chance of recovering some account data, po$t$, and interactions. If you contact us through email fast enough, if we luckily have not got to your account yet, and if you have not done this long process through our live chat help/contact center, then there is still a slight chance. *NO GUARANTEES* 

po$t$ and information that was not fully deleted when you sign up again also have a chance to be recovered. However, please read our policies, especially those related to our platform, and all other services, as outlined in our Terms of Service (TOS). These policies explain how we handle account deletion, what data we retain, and what data remains public, even without your name attached to it. If any remaining posts or information bother you, you can request their deletion by contacting us with your previous account's email and providing the necessary proof steps.

If your account is currently banned, suspended, or blocked, you won't be able to log in or sign up. Your account may still be discoverable by others but labeled as "suspended" without any interaction possible. If you are in this situation and wish to address it for legal reasons or because you are unhappy, you can contact us using our two email addresses or contact page all available here: Please note that all requests are final, and we may require several verification steps to confirm your identity, as we work at different speeds daily.

Where to contact: To request reactivation or seek assistance, please visit our contact page at We will guide you through the necessary security and verification questions. 

Note: even when your account is deleted, permanently suspended etc., your po$t$ or content may still always be present on our platform. This is once again apart of your user agreement. Most of the content in cases like this left up will be anonymous and just have the po$t contents. 


Can you retrieve your account if you were banned, suspended permanently, or if your email or phone number was blocked?


If you have been permanently suspended or banned, you can try requesting a reversal of these actions, by contacting us through the help center pages as mentioned above. We will need to verify your identity and ask questions to evaluate your request. However, there are no guarantees, as bans are typically permanent, and suspensions you have to wait out to see if its perinate or until you're contacted or contact us for more info. Account resets or deletions cannot be undone but can be attempted to be recovered by following the steps mentioned earlier or reaching out for assistance. (Legal)

If your account has been deleted following your request, or if you have been suspended/banned permanently, or if your account has been blocked "for life", we will always email you personally to provide more information. These emails are not automated unless you have been unbanned or unsuspended. If you requested account deletion, we will require proof and additional steps. If you have been banned or suspended, you will usually receive an email explaining the reason for the action and whether you can appeal. For appeals or other contact issues, we don't have a separate page; you can use the same contact page with our two email addresses, contact form, live chat, and more. The link is provided again here:

For any other account issues, such as login problems or other concerns, please visit the following link: You can also find it in the "About Us" page dropdown menu.

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