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Po$t, CRS terms of service

Table of Contents
Welcome Statement
Purpose and Scope of the TOS
Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Terms
Using Po$t, CRS
Account Registration Requirements
User Conduct and Responsibilities
Content Ownership and Licensing
Community Interaction Guidelines
Prohibited Activities
Service Moderation
Moderation and Enforcement
Reporting Violations
Consequences of Terms Violation
Subscription and Payments
Payment Terms and Conditions
Subscription Models and Renewals
Cancellation and Refunds Process
Intellectual Property
Rights to Intellectual Property
User Content and Permissions
Copyright Policy and DMCA Notices
Liability and Warranty
Limitations of Liability
Warranty Disclaimers
Indemnification Agreements
Termination and Suspension
User Initiated Account Termination
Termination by Po$t, CRS
Effects of Account Termination
Privacy and Security
Privacy Policy Overview
Data Collection and Use
Security Measures
Amendments to the Terms
Procedure for Updating TOS
Notification of Changes
Acceptance of Amended Terms
General Provisions
Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Dispute Resolution Mechanism
Feedback and Contact Information
FAQs and Additional Resources
Notice of Name & Domain Change to Po$t, CRS™.
Effective [4/23/24]. Please be advised that the name of our platform has been changed from "Cash Richard Social," to "Po$t, CRS™. This name change is for the purpose of rebranding and streamlining our services. We want to emphasize that while the name has changed, the essence and offerings of our platform remain the same.

The new name, Po$t, CRS™,, is simply a shorter and more concise representation of the original name, "Cash Richard Social." This name change also aligns with our social media platform becoming the primary service offering, and the main domain transitioning from "" to ""

Rest assured that all the provisions, rights, and responsibilities as described in the previous terms of service, under the name "Cash Richard Social," still apply to the new name, Po$t, CRS™, All references to "Cash Richard Social" in the previous terms now refer to Po$t, CRS™,, with no change in meaning or substance.

We kindly request all users and visitors to update their records and references accordingly to reflect the new name, Po$t, CRS™,, in all interactions, communications, and documents relating to our platform.

We would like to express our appreciation for your continued support and loyalty to our platform. If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding this name change, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support at or

Thank you for being part of our community and embracing the change as we continue to provide you with an exceptional social media experience under the new name, Po$t, CRS™,

If you live outside the European Union, EFTA States/the USA/America, or the United Kingdom, including if you live in the United States, the Po$t, CRS User Agreement comprises these Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy, and all other Po$t, CRS rules and Policies, and all incorporated policies.

If you live in the European Union, EFTA States, or the United Kingdom, the Po$t, CRS User Agreement comprises these Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy, and all other of our rules and all incorporated policies.

Po$t, CRS terms of service/s (TOS), If you live in the European Union, EFTA States, or the United Kingdom

If you live outside the European Union, EFTA States, or the United Kingdom, including if you live in the United States

These Terms of Service (“Terms”) govern your access to and use of our services, including our various websites, SMS, APIs, email notifications, applications, buttons, widgets, ads, commerce services, and our other covered services, with a similar name that goes by Po$t, CRS, general main name etc. These Terms (collectively, the “Services”), and any information, text, links, graphics, photos, audio, videos, or other materials or arrangements of materials uploaded, downloaded, or appearing on the services, (collectively referred to as “Content”). By using the Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

These Terms of Service (“Terms” “TOS”) govern your access to and use of our services, including our various websites, SMS, APIs, email notifications, applications, buttons, widgets, ads, commerce services, and our other covered services.

Welcome to Po$t, CRS™, and all other domains connected/services and names we have on the site. Po$t, CRS™ is our main name, and the name we base all other sub-names off of. Po$t, CRS. These TOS, terms of service (these “terms” and all of our other site mostly, &/app policies that apply to this terms of service (TOS) of our (“Company,” “we,” or “us,”) are an agreement that describes your rights and responsibilities/ours, but mostly yours, as a user, and or visitor as listed below, of the services/platform, where users can connect, post/po$t™, share their opinions, post on our social media platform and services, etc. Also explore, buy cool items of all types and apparel, and much more in the shop, and all other services/pages we offer/site pages you can view, and other methods (collectively, the “Service”).

Our terms of service (TOS) make it so that you automatically, legally agree to, and follow all requirements, when signing up, and or using Po$t, CRS, whether signed up, signed in, even if you don't have an account, or even if you have one and are not logged in and or are. Also the, website mostly, along with our app too, services, platform, and more. You agree to everything below in our terms of service policy (TOS), and all of our other sites mostly, but also our app. They all apply to this terms of service (TOS) and what you agree to legally, and, on our social media platform, and our whole site in general, including our app, and how they also all apply to those things listed these terms/policies. TOS, (terms of service.)

Age Agreement on Our Platform
You must legally be age 13+ and or older to post/po$t, use, and do anything else on our site mainly, &/platform. You also are not to post anything to do with your sensitive private, personal, or anything sensitive in your or others' life unless approved in some circumstances. This includes things like your location, someone else's location, our location, or other sensitive information. You also agree that once your photos are posted/po$ted, they could end up anywhere, you/we are not liable for anything, and we are also not liable for you seeing any inappropriate or out of policy including unlawful videos, photos, or chats, but we will do our best to remove them as fast as we can, take action and do what is right. We do ask you to report them to help us out with that! You should follow our TOS and other agreements in our TOS below so this does not happen and so you can help get it taken down if it does. You agree we are not liable if you are lying, or other members/usually public members with a profile who post/po$t$, lie about their age, but you still must stick to the law, and our site policies, and TOS.

Your Commitments
In return for our commitment to provide the Service/platform, we require you to make the below commitments to us. Who Can Use Po$t, CRS, we want our platform to be as open and inclusive as possible, but we also want it to be safe, secure, and in accordance with the law. So, we need you to commit to a few restrictions in order to be part of the community.

You must be at least 13 years of age.
(Required in the sign-up form on our site main.)
You must not be prohibited from receiving any aspect of our platform under applicable laws or engaging in payments related services if you are on an applicable denied party listing.
We must not have previously disabled your account for violation of law or any of our policies.
You must not be a convicted sex offender.
Along with other general things along the lines of this. If you are unsure before or after signing up or posting/po$ting on us/our forum main, you can contact us at this link:

Using the Platform
Please review ALL of the Po$t, CRS rules and policies, all under the about us page drop down. You may use the Services only in compliance with these Terms and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Our platform/services evolve constantly. As such, the Services may change from time to time, at our discretion. We may stop (permanently or temporarily) providing the Services or any features within the Services to you or to users generally. We also retain the right to create limits on use and storage at our sole discretion at any time. We may also remove or refuse to distribute any Content on the Services, limit distribution or visibility of any Content on the service, suspend or terminate users, and reclaim usernames without liability to you. This a lot of time/most of the time, does not include account links/SEO links/your profile SEO link/URL etc. Customized with your name or whatever etc.

In consideration for Po$t, CRS granting you access to and use of the services, you agree that Po$t, CRS, and its third-party providers and partners may place advertising on the Services or in connection with the display of Content or information from the Services whether submitted by you or others. You also agree not to misuse our Services, for example, by interfering with them or accessing them using a method other than the interface and the instructions that we provide. You agree that you will not work around any technical limitations in the software provided to you as part of the Services, or reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the software/site code etc., except and only to the extent that applicable law expressly permits. You may not do any of the following while accessing or using the Services: (1) access, tamper with, or use non-public areas of the Services, Po$t, CRS computer systems, or the technical delivery systems of Po$t, CRS's providers; (2) probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of any system or network or breach or circumvent any security or authentication measures; (3) access or search or attempt to access or search the Services by any means (automated or otherwise) other than through our currently available, published interfaces that are provided by Po$t, CRS (and only pursuant to the applicable terms and conditions), unless you have been specifically allowed to do so in a separate agreement with Po$t, CRS (NOTE: crawling the Services is permissible if done in accordance with the provisions of the robots.txt file, however, scraping the services without the prior consent of Po$t, CRS is expressly prohibited); (4) forge any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information in any email or posting, or in any way use the Services to send altered, deceptive or false source-identifying information; or (5) interfere with, or disrupt, (or attempt to do so), the access of any user, host or network, including, without limitation, sending a virus, overloading, flooding, spamming, mail-bombing the Services, or by scripting the creation of Content in such a manner as to interfere with or create an undue burden on the Services. We also reserve the right to access, read, preserve, and disclose any information as we reasonably believe is necessary to (1) satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, (2) enforce the Terms, including investigation of potential violations hereof, (3) detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues, (4) respond to user support requests, or (5) protect the rights, property or safety of Po$t, CRS, its users and the public. Po$t, CRS does not disclose personally-identifying information to third parties except in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Po$t, CRS may offer certain services or features for which additional terms and conditions may apply in connection with your use of those services. By using or paying for any of these additional services, you agree to any additional terms applicable to those services, and those additional terms become part of our agreement with you.

User Accounts
User accounts/public/private/members/profiles all the names we call it, in general, user accounts, and who can use our site, purchase items on the site and or services and online items and or purchase anything on the site and use our site in general/our platform main. Po$t, CRS,

This is a contract between you and our company/platform. You must read and agree to these terms before using the Service. If you do not agree, you may not use the Service. You may use the Service only if you can form a binding contract with the Company, and only in compliance with these Terms and all applicable local, state, national, and international laws, rules, and regulations. Any use of or access to the Service by anyone under 13 (or under 16 in Europe) is prohibited and in violation of these Terms. If you are a minor (which is under the age of 18 in most states), you may use the Service only with the involvement of a parent or legal guardian and their consent and agreement to these Terms. If you are under 18, you represent and warrant that you have your parent or guardian’s permission to use the Service and that your parent or guardian agrees to these Terms. If you are a parent or legal guardian of a User under the age of 18, by allowing your child to use the Service, you are subject to these Terms and responsible for your child’s activity on the Service. The Service is not available to any Users previously removed from the Service by the Company.

How You Cannot Use Po$t, CRS Platform/Services
You cannot impersonate others or provide inaccurate information. It's okay if you have the real same credentials or similar looks, but if you don't and you are purposefully impersonating someone, that is breaking our terms.

You do not have to disclose your identity on Po$t, CRS,, but you must provide us with accurate and up-to-date information (including registration information), which may include providing personal data. Also, you may not impersonate someone or something you are not, and you cannot create an account for someone else unless you have their express permission.

You cannot do anything unlawful, misleading, or fraudulent or for an illegal or unauthorized purpose.

You cannot violate (or help or encourage others to violate) these Terms or our policies, all of them, and or all our site policies including in particular Po$t, CRS terms of service. If you post branded content, you must comply with our Policies, TOS, terms of service, and stick with the guidelines, it also means it cannot be the only thing you po$t on our platform & or your public profile or both etc. This requires you to use our branded content tools and guidelines including help articles/blogs in our help center etc. Learn how to report conduct or content in our Help center by contacting us, visiting the help center page link above, or by viewing some of our forum po$t$ at

You cannot do anything to interfere with or impair the intended operation of the platform/service. This includes misusing any reporting, dispute, or appeals on your profile, or others, such as by making fraudulent or groundless reports or appeals.

You cannot sell, license, or purchase any account or data obtained from us or our platform/Service. This includes attempts to buy, sell, or transfer any aspect of your account (including the editable link to your public profile); solicit, collect, or use login credentials or badges of other users; or request or collect Po$t, CRS usernames, passwords, or misappropriate access tokens.

You cannot post someone else’s private or confidential information without permission or do anything that violates someone else's rights, including intellectual property rights (e.g., copyright infringement, trademark infringement, counterfeit, or pirated goods).

You may use someone else's works under exceptions or limitations to copyright and related rights under applicable law. You represent your own or have obtained all necessary rights to the content you post or share. Contact for more information, but our standpoint on copyright and things like this is we will help you and act, but we are not liable, and you understand the risks by reading our terms of service (TOS) and other policies. You cannot modify, translate, create derivative works of, or reverse engineer our products or their components. You cannot use a domain name or URL in your username without our prior written consent. Permissions You Give to Us. As part of our agreement, you also give us permissions that we need to provide the Service.

We do not claim ownership of your content, but you grant us a license to use it, and we also can at any moment with or without notice. We can claim access to your content at any time, and by using our platform/service, you agree to this. We do not fully claim ownership of your content right away, or usually ever, but can if we ever need to. You are free to share your content with anyone else, wherever you want. However, we need certain legal permissions from you (known as a “license”) to provide the platform/services. When you share, post/po$t/upload content that is covered by intellectual property rights (like photos or videos) on or in connection with our platform/service, you hereby grant to us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to host, use, distribute, modify, run, copy, publicly perform or display, translate, and create derivative works of your content (consistent with your privacy and application settings). This license will end when your content is deleted from our systems. You can delete content individually or all at once by deleting your account. To delete your account find out more about how to by visiting the my profile account page, or my account page when logged in to your account, it is a members page and at the bottom of it near the footer, or by contacting us at our two business/help emails.

Permission to use your username, profile picture, and information about your relationships and actions with accounts, ads, and sponsored content especially in the future when we really take ads in effect.

You give us permission to show your username, profile picture, and information about your actions (such as likes) or relationships (such as follows) next to or in connection with accounts, ads, offers, and other sponsored content that you follow or engage with that are displayed on Po$t, CRS, without any compensation to you. For example, we may show that you liked a sponsored post created by a brand that has paid us to display its ads on Po$t, CRS.

Additional Rights We Retain.

If you select a username or similar identifier for your account/public profile/profile, or things like profile pictures, (pfp's), & more, we may tell you to change it if we believe it is appropriate or necessary (for example, if it infringes someone's intellectual property or impersonates another user), & if you do not comply we can ban, suspend you, & more until further action.

If you use content covered by intellectual property rights that we have and make available in our platform/services. For example, images, designs, videos, sounds, any form of text, and anything else, that you produced or reproduced, we ask that you "mostly" add to content you create or share, we retain all rights to our content.

You can only use our intellectual property and trademarks, or similar marks as expressly permitted by our terms of service (TOS), & all other of our policies, including what's in our help center posts.

You must obtain written permission from us or under an open-source license to modify, create derivative works of, decompile, or otherwise attempt to extract source code from us.

Content Removal and Disabling or Terminating Your Account
Along with your legal and license agreement that not all of your content nor/name or profile/identity trace on our platform/services, could be deleted or suspended with your account/profile.

We can remove any content or information you share on the platform if we believe that it violates these Terms of service, our policies (including our privacy policy, terms and condition, this policy, terms of service (TOS), and cookie policy, and any other/all policies, including ones that shall be added in the future and forever of the company, we are permitted or required to do so by law. We can refuse to provide or stop providing all or part of the Service to you including terminating or disabling your access to the Po$t, CRS platform & services/products, immediately to protect our community or platform/services, or if you create risk or legal exposure for us, violate these Terms of service, or our policies (including our guidelines/all of our policies). If you repeatedly infringe other people's intellectual property rights, or where we are permitted or required to do so by law. We can also terminate or change the service, remove, or block content or information shared on our platform/service, or stop providing all or part of the platform/service if we determine that doing so is necessary to avoid or mitigate adverse legal or regulatory impacts on us. If you believe your account has been terminated in error, or you want to disable or permanently delete your account, consult our Help center. When you request to delete content or your account, the deletion process will automatically begin with usually no more than 30 days after your request. It may take up to 90 days to delete most of your content after the deletion process. While the deletion process for such content is being undertaken, the content is no longer visible to other users (mostly), but remains subject to these Terms of service, and all other of our policies. After the content is deleted, it may take us up to another 90 days to remove it from backups and disaster recovery systems.

Content will sometimes not be deleted within 90 days of the account deletion, and or the content will stay up for more than the time, or forever and not list the account it was posted on and say private member and link to the error 404 page, or/and content deletion process beginning in the following situations:

where your content has been used by others in accordance with this license and they have not deleted it (in which case this license will continue to apply until that content is deleted); or

where deletion within 90 days is not possible due to technical limitations of our systems, in which case, we will complete the deletion as soon as technically feasible; or

where deletion would restrict our ability to:

investigate or identify illegal activity or violations of our terms and policies (for example, to identify or investigate misuse of our products or systems);
protect the safety and security of our products, systems, and users;
comply with a legal obligation, such as the preservation of evidence; or
comply with a request of a judicial or administrative authority, law enforcement, or a government agency;

in which case, the content will be retained for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it has been retained (the exact duration will vary on a case-by-case basis).

If you delete or we disable your account, these Terms shall terminate as an agreement between you and us, but this section and the section below called "Our Agreement and What Happens if We Disagree" will still apply even after your account is terminated, disabled, or deleted.

You also agree that we can sell your data like other sites, even though we will not, site members could potentially do certain things with information you have made public, or private even.

You agree that we are not liable for anything you po$t, see, or read, but we will make it right.

You are responsible for your use of the Services and for any Content you provide, including compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations. You should only provide Content that you are comfortable sharing with others. Any use or reliance on any Content or materials posted via the Services or obtained by you through the Services is at your own risk. We do not endorse, support, represent or guarantee the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any Content or communications posted via the Services or endorse any opinions expressed via the Services. You understand that by using the Services, you may be exposed to Content that might be offensive, harmful, inaccurate, or otherwise inappropriate, or in some cases, postings that have been mislabeled or are otherwise deceptive. All Content is the sole responsibility of the person who originated such Content. We may not monitor or control the Content posted via the Services and we cannot take responsibility for such Content.

We reserve the right to remove Content that violates the User Agreement, including for example, copyright or trademark violations or other intellectual property misappropriation, impersonation, unlawful conduct, or harassment.

Your Agreement of Our Liability with Your Account/Membership/Profile Whether Public or Private When Using Our Platform/Services
You may need to create an account to use some of our Services. You are responsible for safeguarding your account, so use a strong password and limit its use to this account. We cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with the above. You understand other site members could do anything with your data and what we post, but we are not liable, although we will try to act.

Your Agreement with What We Can Do with Your Content, Copyright, and What Other People Can Do with Your Content on Our Site, and Social Sites Also! Including Account Data, and More!
You retain your rights to any Content you submit, post/po$t, or display on or through the platform/services. What is yours is yours — you own your Content (and your incorporated audio, photos, and videos are considered part of the Content). You agree we, and our affiliates, and apps, are not liable for anything that happens with your content, by posting you agree anything, can happen to what you post, and your public information on the site. Action will be taken, but nothing will be done against us.

Your Use Agreements on Our Site Main, Along with Our App Platform/Services
If you use racial slurs, they cannot be aimed towards bullying/harassing someone on our platform. Words of discrimination, or significantly inappropriate profanity/slurs should be kept to a minimum, unless "needed," right for the situation, or not directly aimed at someone. We can decide this on po$t to po$t bases. If broken, we have the right to ban you, suspend you, or reset your account for any reason, along with for any length of time, reason or not etc. Freedom of speech! We do not condone or allow any form of discrimination or hate speech on our site or social media platforms. This includes but is not limited to discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, disability, and age. Additionally, you could include language that addresses any behavior that promotes or supports terrorism, violence, or hate groups. Overall, these additions would help to create a safer and more inclusive community for all users. More policies in our help center. Read before po$ting.

Your po$ting Agreement
No child nudity, or any sexually explicit content of a minor in any way at all for anyone the age of 18.
News shared should be accurate and factual, & if not satirical or clearly marked fake news is allowed.
Users are allowed to express their views and political opinions without attempting to convince others to change their views or affiliations.
No hate speech, including that directed at individuals or groups based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, or any other characteristic.
No discussion of terrorism or promotion of violent acts.
No encouragement of harmful behavior or self-harm.
No forms of content with pornography content or violence, especially towards anyone specifically. We have made a few changes to this specific part of our policy & we now allow educational content, along with things like well-known movie & show content, but not pornographic content, and things along the strict lines of this. To read more on this VERY important policy and policy changes which are a part of our TOS, terms of service, read our blog post here.
Nothing illegal is allowed to be undertaken via the platform/services, including through chatting or other forms of communication.
Self-promotion is allowed if it is not fraudulent, harmful, or promoting hate or terrorism, and not too frequently along with it not being the only reason you po$t and or use our platform for. Users must be over the age of 13 and maintain appropriate behavior.
Restrictions on body pictures & videos, along with other forms of content including AI, must cover inappropriate parts of the body to avoid overtly sexual content. E.g. just not showing any private parts of the body in most cases. Please read our few changes in the policy above at the link, and how we are enforcing this/cracking down further on the safety of everyone and minors on our platform. Pushing the limits of these restrictions may result in suspension, photo deletion, or other consequences.
All users must follow local and international laws, including those of the United States.
Spam po$ting or harassing of other users is never allowed. Users may not take over the site to promote personal agendas or opinions.
You also acknowledge and consent to the nuanced application of freedom of speech within the parameters outlined in our policies, which are subject to modifications based on age restrictions, posting guidelines, legal considerations, and other specific provisions detailed in our terms of service (TOS) policy. While we uphold the principles of free expression, there are exceptions necessitated by age limitations, various government and country laws, online regulations, and our internal site policies governing social service postings. Your compliance with these regulations is imperative as we collectively adhere to both domestic and international laws.

Your commitment to promptly report any content or profiles that breach Po$t, CRS's site policies or terms of service (TOS) is crucial. This proactive reporting plays a vital role in upholding the official account badge status for both your account and others within our platform. Simultaneously, you pledge not to endorse or interact with inappropriate accounts, emphasizing the importance of reporting such instances through designated channels, such as profile or post reporting on Po$t, CRS. This collaborative reporting approach empowers us to take effective action, including the removal of official account badges from non-compliant accounts, whether public or private, and involving issues like name duplication or inappropriate content.

Your commitment extends to notifying us promptly about accounts displaying the automatic sign-up official account badge, indicating their status as genuine, non-bot entities with an officially original, or at the very least, non-duplicated name. For instance, if someone shares a name, it should be done in a legitimate manner, free from imitation. Your vigilance also includes reporting accounts that deviate from our site policies and terms of service (TOS), particularly those engaging in unauthorized copying, policy violations, or any recently created accounts that violate our established norms. Your diligence ensures the removal of their automatic account creation badge, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the integrity of our official badges. Report such instances via their profiles, posts, or through direct contact with us, exemplifying your commitment to upholding our community standards.

You agree that all our other site policies are included in our site/app terms of service (TOS). This includes privacy policy, terms and conditions, and cookie policy. Links below.

About us page dropdown/help center:
Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:
Terms and Conditions:
Refund Policy:
Shipping and Delivery Policy:
Order Tracking:
Shipping and Returns:
Cookie Policy:
Sexual content policy:
Limitation of Liability


Our Agreement and What Happens if We Disagree
Your utilization of music on the Service is also subject to our site guidelines, as outlined comprehensively on our online platform and social site. Furthermore, your engagement with our API is contingent upon adherence to all our policies, as detailed above. In the event that you choose to utilize specific features or associated services, you will be presented with an opportunity to consent to additional terms, which will be integrated into our overarching agreement. For instance, when employing payment features, agreeing to the policies is a requisite step during the checkout or purchase process, denoted by a legal checkbox in the cart. Should any of these terms conflict with the terms stipulated in this agreement, the former shall take precedence.

In the event that any provision of this agreement is deemed unenforceable, the remaining provisions will continue to be binding and effective.

Any modifications or waivers to our agreement must be in written form and bear the signatures of all parties involved. Failure on our part to enforce any facet of this agreement does not constitute a waiver.

We expressly retain all rights not explicitly granted to you under this agreement.

Who Has Rights Under this Agreement?
Our past, present, and future affiliates, as well as agents, including Po$t, CRS, retain the ability to enforce the rights outlined in this agreement should they find themselves embroiled in a dispute. However, this agreement does not confer any rights upon third parties.

Without our explicit consent, you are not permitted to transfer your rights or obligations stipulated in this agreement.

It is within our prerogative to assign our rights and obligations to others. This scenario might materialize in instances such as changes in ownership, including but not limited to mergers, acquisitions, or asset sales, and can also occur as required by law.

Who Is Responsible if Something Happens?
Our Service is presented "as is," and we cannot assure its safety, security, or flawless functionality at all times. To the extent permitted by law, we also disclaim all warranties, whether express or implied, encompassing but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement.

We do not have control over the actions, statements, or conduct of individuals, including yourself, and we are not accountable for such actions, conduct (whether online or offline), or content, including any unlawful or objectionable content. Additionally, we are not responsible for services and features provided by other individuals or companies, even if you access them through our Service.

Our liability for any occurrences on the Service, also referred to as "liability," is limited to the extent permitted by law. Given the unpredictable nature of potential issues with our Service, we cannot anticipate all possible consequences. You acknowledge that we will not be liable for any lost profits or revenues, considering our current non-profit system for creators. If changes occur in the future, our site/app terms of service (TOS) and other policies will be updated accordingly, and monetization information will be provided. We disclaim responsibility for any information, data, or damages of a consequential, special, indirect, exemplary, punitive, or incidental nature, even if the possibility of such damages is known to us. This disclaimer includes situations where we delete your content, information, or account. Our total liability arising from or connected to these Terms will not exceed the greater of $100 or the amount you have paid us in the past twelve months.

Monetization Information
Understanding Self-Promotion Payment Apps and Payment Methods on Po$t, CRS's Social Media Platform and App.

You acknowledge and agree that Po$t, CRS does not provide monetary compensation for the content you post, and we are not obligated to pay you. The sole avenue for users to earn money on the site is by promoting apps using their unique @ handle to receive payments. You agree not to misuse this feature, refrain from spamming other members, and acknowledge that we bear no legal liability for any incidents violating this policy or any other present or future policies on our site. While we commit to addressing situations to the best of our ability, you understand that you are responsible for adhering to these policies. Additionally, you commit to promoting apps only a few times a month and ensuring it does not dominate your public or private profile. Further details are available on our legal page, and your acceptance of our terms of service implies adherence to all policies.

You agree to defend (at our request), indemnify, and hold us harmless from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, losses, and expenses, including without limitation, reasonable attorney's fees, and costs, arising out of or in any way connected with these Terms or your use of the Service. You will cooperate as required by us in the defense of any claim. We reserve the right to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter subject to indemnification by you, and you will not in any event settle any claim without our prior written consent.

Unsolicited Material
We always appreciate feedback or other suggestions, and we ask for it and wish everyone to give because it helps us improve, but there is a legal side to everything, but may use them without any restrictions or obligation to compensate you for them and are under no obligation to keep them confidential. This could also and does also somewhat and does include site reviews and product reviews.

Endorsements, Testimonies, Ads and Self-Promoting and Advertising Yourself, or Your Personal Contracts with Other Companies
You agree that your User Content will comply with the FTC’s Guidelines Concerning the Use of Testimonials and Endorsements in Advertising, the FTC’s Disclosures Guide, the FTC’s Native Advertising Guidelines, and any other guidelines issued by the FTC from time to time (the “FTC Guidelines”), as well as any other advertising guidelines required under applicable law. For example, if you have been paid or provided with free products in exchange for discussing or promoting a product or service through the Services, or if you are an employee of a company and you decide to discuss or promote that company’s products or services through the Service, you agree to comply with the FTC Guidelines’ requirements for disclosing such relationships. You, and not the Company, are solely responsible for any endorsements or testimonials you make regarding any product or service through the Service. The services on our site/services include our entire site where you can even speak/post something and or type or your physical voice, something along the lines like this etc. The services and the word our services include our entire site everything and anything on it, our company, all our affiliates, our third-party affiliates, and all our legal. To be more specific, a few examples, the social media services/site and app, services online, all of them we offer, your account service we offer public or private which is apart/along the lines of the social site services we offer etc.

Political Discussions on Our Platform
Political discussions on our platform and associated services provide a space for expressing diverse opinions. This includes but is not limited to our social media services on the site and app. Your ability to share and engage in political discourse is encouraged across all facets of our platform.

Subject to these Terms of Service (TOS) and any other guidelines established by the site/app, both current and future, for the duration of our/Po$t, CRS's existence, you are permitted to share political opinions, participate in political activities, provide links to official political committee websites (including contribution pages), and solicit views or post views related to social services we may offer in the future. However, it is essential to recognize that these activities are solely your responsibility. By partaking in such activities, you affirm that you are eligible under applicable law and commit to complying with all relevant laws and regulations.

No Refunds Policy
You have the flexibility to cancel your User Account at any time; however, it's important to note that cancellations do not qualify for refunds. If the Company suspends or terminates your User Account or these Terms, you acknowledge and agree that no refunds or exchanges will be provided for Company Property, unused subscription time, license or subscription fees related to the Service, or any associated content or data.

Exceptions to this policy may apply in specific scenarios, such as issues with shipping orders. For such cases, we have established separate policies, including refund and shipping policies, which are accessible on dedicated pages. It's crucial to understand that we reserve the right to reject refund requests, especially if your account is banned, if our attempts to assist are unsuccessful, or if we've encountered a significant number of challenges recently.

This policy primarily pertains to the no-refund policy for orders post-reception of items and online subscriptions. Your billing period will be promptly canceled, and your card details will be removed immediately. We want to emphasize our discretion in approving or denying any order, purchase, or refund request based on the circumstances outlined above.

Auto-Renewal and Subscription Fees Overview
If you subscribe to our service, the fees specified in your user account or on the checkout page will automatically renew monthly unless you choose to cancel. To cancel, submit a notice through your subscription settings, effective the following month. Unless canceled, your subscription and fees will auto-renew, and you authorize us or our payment provider to charge applicable fees and taxes using your saved payment method, with notice as required by law.

No Copyright Infringement
At Po$t, CRS, we uphold authenticity and legality. By using our platform, you implicitly agree to these terms:

Users must refrain from copyright infringement, impersonation, or misrepresentation.
Authenticity is key, and proper credit must be given to sources.
Legally Binding Agreement
Your use of Po$t, CRS constitutes a legal agreement to abide by these terms, whether acknowledged or not.

Comprehensive Agreement
Our Terms of Service (TOS) encompass all applicable policies, including Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Cookie Policy.

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Reporting Errors
Report any policy violations to and While we strive for accuracy, we may not be legally liable for inadvertent errors.

Automatic Agreement
Usage of our site and social platform implies automatic agreement with our policies and TOS.

Legal Action and Updates
Legal action may be taken for illegal activities.
Updates to our policy will be made without liability. Check the last updated date for the latest version.

Jurisdiction and Primary Site Language
The governing law and primary language of our main site, for the time being, is as follows below.

By using our Service, you agree that: (a) The Service is considered exclusively based in the United States of America (USA) and Canada. (b) The Service is deemed passive, conferring no personal jurisdiction over us outside of the United States of America and Canada, either specifically or generally.

These Terms are governed by American/U.S. law, irrespective of its conflict of laws principles. Both parties acknowledge that these Terms signify a transaction involving interstate commerce.

Additionally, it's important to note that:

Our primary platform language, support, and products, including the entire platform, app, and company (Po$t, CRS), are currently based in English.
While we are expanding language options, our current focus on English is driven by shipping regions and support language.
For detailed information on our main language and related aspects, refer to this link on our platform, a free online forum akin to Twitter, where you can access posts without signing up. This post elaborates on our main language, shipping regions, country of operation, and future plans.

To clarify, our platform predominantly operates in English and is based in the U.S., aligning with considerations such as time zones, holidays, and shipping logistics.

Stay informed about updates to our Terms of Service (TOS), policies, and contact details. For more information about us, visit © Po$t, CRS at

We reserve the right to modify our Service and policies on the site as needed. Changes to these terms may be necessary to accurately reflect updates in our service and policies. We strive to keep you informed—unless required otherwise by law, we will notify you through various channels, such as our service platform, account settings, and the contact information provided in your account. This includes email or phone notifications.

Prior to the implementation of any changes, we will provide you with notice, detailing the modifications and their effective date. If you choose to continue using the Service after the updates, you are agreeing to be bound by the revised Terms. If you disagree with these changes, you have the option to delete your account, accessible through your profile page or by contacting us through our contact page or email.

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