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Issues with account such as you cant log in, need help customizing your profile, public and or private, and any other issues. How to contact us and troubleshoot.

If you are having trouble signing in please reset your password to the email you believe you created your account under. If you are not getting the code to your email and or forgot your email and or password and cannot access your account, and have proof of ownership, when you contact us we will ask for proof, and see what we can do to best help you as we strive to make things right! We recommending taking note somewhere safe, your email and password so you can remember for future log in's, and to avoid this from happening or loss of your account fully. If you cannot remember the email on your account and or/password then reset your password, then please contact us and we will ask/you will need to provide us with multiple items of proof to show that the account you were looking to recover is actually yours etc.

If you are having troubling signing up/in, make sure you were not previously banned, suspended, permanently suspended, or your account was not blocked (suspended), and make sure you do not already have an account with that email. You can test this by trying to log in, and or reset a password with the email your trying to sign up with under forgot password under the sign in form. Contact for questions, concerns, or if you are still having any issues!

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