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Verified badge

Verified Account Badge: This badge is for public accounts on the site, representing authenticity and credibility. It is earned through verification. Apply for this badge by following the instructions below.

Other Badges: There are various badges available for application, catering to different roles and interests within the site community. You can apply for multiple badges that suit your profile and interests.

Subscription Badge Plans: Our Badge Subscription Plan offers exclusive badges and benefits on a monthly basis. More details can be found at the bottom of the page.

Badge Purchase: If you prefer to purchase a badge instead of earning it, you can find the purchase link at the bottom of the page. Review the provided information to make an informed decision.

Please read through the information on this page to understand the badge options, application processes, and purchasing details.

To apply for any of the badges listed below, you must follow all requirements listed below also, meet our "creator" status requirements also, and then contact us below with the specific badge and details. We will require more information from you once the contact process starts. You can also contact us about this or anything else here.

To read our new "creator" status requirements & benefits, post link here.


For all purchasable premium/verified plans, ad plans & all other plans, purchase here.


Verified account. Legacy/earned badge. Pink badge earned by the requirements below & or creator status & more exceptions. 

Verified affiliated with a member which has creator or met the requirements below & is verified, a business or organization and is the pink badge also. 

Verified account yellow badge, usually paired with the "Affiliated with Po$t" badge. This is for members who work with us, are in a current collaboration with us, or for businesses or members/figures who are well known.

Affiliated with Po$t. This badge is for anyone working with us, affiliated with us, or collabing with us. You will mostly see this on members profiles who work for us, or on profiles for Po$t, CRS.

Verified artist, any musician, artist, or anyone in the artist classification field etc. All member who have once again met our requirements below, or creator status. You must at least meet the requirements below. It cannot just be creator status etc.

Verified Official. Any Government official or multilateral official/organization. This badge requires you to meet all requirements below, creator status, & during the application/contact process, ID, and many other steps to verify you meet the requirements for this verified badge.

Licensed creator. This is for members who have met the requirements and who have joined creator status, and is for creators/members who make content based around there job/license and are giving advice, making claims based on their knowledge etc. E.g. a doctor might want to create content based on that, or share their personal life and facts, but if they are sharing facts or claims that are false, or facts or claims, and are not licensed they will not get this badge. But if they are it is a stamp of approval, raises your credibility, & more! Note: you will need to provide numerous information during the contact process to verify and make sure everything checks out.

Unlicensed creator. A creator who is sharing claims and are not license, or are claiming they are something or someone who they are not. Will lower credibility and you do not choose if this gets put on your profile or not. We ask that members please contact us if you see a profile which needs review to potentially get this badge, or if your profile or you see a profile which may have wrongfully received this badge. Profiles in which make content that make claims and claim they are someone with a certain job/license etc., if you have not contacted to get this badge/stamp of approval above, then we will contact you asking you for this information, giving you a chance to give warnings to your audience in your po$t$, delete your content/po$t$, or just give you this badge in most cases until you email to appeal.

Deceased badge. Members who own their account who have passed away, & either a family member or another member on our platform has contacted and given more info, if they do not wish to delete or make the account private or suspend it, it will remain open with this badge. 




To earn your Verified Site Badge and Content Creator status on our online platform, including the website and app, you need to fulfill certain requirements. Here are the steps to achieve this status:

  1. Active Participation: Engage consistently on our site and app by creating and sharing high-quality content relevant to your chosen field. This can include articles, blog posts, videos, artwork, or any other form of content that showcases your expertise and adds value to the community.

  2. Quality Content: Focus on producing content that is original, informative, and well-researched. Your content should demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and unique perspective in your chosen domain.

  3. Community Engagement: Actively participate in discussions, forums, and comment sections related to your area of expertise. Interact with other members, respond to inquiries, and provide helpful insights to establish yourself as an engaged and reliable contributor.

  4. Consistency and Frequency: Regularly create and publish content to maintain an active presence on our platform. Consistency in your content creation helps build credibility and increases your chances of being recognized as a verified content creator.

  5. Positive Reputation: Uphold a positive reputation by adhering to our community guidelines and policies. Show respect towards other users, promote constructive discussions, and refrain from engaging in any form of spam or unethical behavior.

  6. Verification Process: Once you have met the above requirements, you can apply for verification by submitting a request through our designated verification process. Provide necessary details, such as your account information, portfolio, links to your content, and any relevant supporting documentation.

  7. Evaluation and Approval: Our team will review your application, examining your content, engagement, and overall contribution to the community. If your application meets our criteria, you will be granted the Verified Site Badge and recognized as a verified content creator on our platform.

Please note that meeting the requirements does not guarantee automatic verification. Our team carefully evaluates each application to ensure the authenticity and quality of the content creators associated with our platform.

By earning the Verified Site Badge and Content Creator status, you will gain credibility, visibility, and access to additional benefits on our site and app. This recognition can help you establish yourself as a reputable figure within your niche and attract a larger audience to your content.

We encourage you to work diligently, produce valuable content, and actively engage with the community to increase your chances of earning the Verified Site Badge and Content Creator status.


To clarify, there is no cost associated with earning and applying for the Legacy Badges if you meet the requirements. However, we do offer a paid option with additional benefits for those who choose to purchase a badge. Please note that this is a separate option and not applicable to the earned/verified badges.

To earn the Legacy Badges, you must follow these three steps:

  1. Follow Site Guidelines: Familiarize yourself with our site's Terms of Service (TOS), policies, terms and conditions, and privacy policy. Ensure that you comply with these guidelines while using our site and contributing in various ways.

  2. Engage on Social Media: Stay connected with us on our social media platforms and actively participate in discussions, follow our updates, and engage with our content. Demonstrating consistent involvement over a few months is encouraged.

  3. Email Application: Once you have met the requirements and familiarize yourself with our policies, email us or use our contact form to submit your application. In the email, clearly state which badge you are applying for and provide any necessary information as outlined in the instructions posted on this page: [Insert link to the specific instructions page]

After receiving your application, our team will review it and assess your eligibility for the Legacy Badge. If approved, you will be granted the badge and enjoy the associated benefits. It is important to maintain compliance with our policies and guidelines even after receiving the badge to retain its validity.

Please keep in mind that emailing us directly is not sufficient for badge consideration. You must follow the steps outlined above and provide the necessary information as specified in the application instructions.

Thank you for your interest in our Legacy Badges, and we look forward to receiving your application.


To apply for "creator" status, post link here on more info & requirements.


Thanks for submitting!

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