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Po$t | CR Social™/Cash Richard™ privacy policy

We made some changes to our privacy policy as of 12/2/23 to update the name of Cash Richard/the long version, to our updated main name, Po$t | CR Social, which is the shorter version for Cash Richard Social. This is apart of our mini rebrand, and you might find some spots use the full name, it still applies to our brand name Po$t | CR Social (CRS)


Privacy policy starts under images/below. Scroll down.


Before you scroll though, read this. 


It’s really hard to make everyone happy with a Privacy Policy. Most people who use CR Social™/Cash Richard, and in full/non abbreviated, Cash Richard™ social™, want something short and easy to understand. While we wish we could fit everything you need to know into a Po$t™, our regulators ask us to meet our legal obligations by describing them all in a lot of detail.

With that in mind, we’ve written our Privacy Policy simplified and broken down with our table of contents, also our quick important summary here/and below this paragraph so you can be empower to make informed decisions when you use Cash Richard™, and Cash Richard Social™/CR Social, by making sure you understand and have control over the information we collect, how it’s used, and when it’s shared. 

So if you skip reading every word of the Privacy Policy, at least know this:

We use your data to make Cash Richard/Cash Richard Social, but share limited/almost 0 data to third party companies as mentioned below/here etc. 


We collect some data
about you to make our social media and site/app better based of you because you are important! More mentioned below.

And Cash Richard is a public platform, especially Cash Richard Social™, and the members area/accounts and/profiles whether public or private and interactions etc. 

Hold the phone! Wait — what happens with my data?


You give some data, we get some data. In return we offer useful services. Not what you had in mind? Check your settings. https://www.cashrichard.com/account/settings-a-notification-settings 
Our answer, really not much because its the truth. Read more below when the privacy policy officially starts. Pretty much none of our third party apps can see it, and we can see some limited of your information that you give us such as Posts/po$t$
, fields you fill out and for your account/profile and members area weather public or private, and our website/app and apps hosting/Wix.com/Wix, Wix services inc and website hosting etc., somewhat, also developers who help us from there, and help keep our services up from there services. More on cashrichard.com/aboutus 


My Po$t$  are public?!?

How or when do you share my information?

There’s no quick answer to this one, but heads up: Po$t$, can end up in the news or a search engine. More on https://www.cashrichard.com/tos

Does data/Po$t$also have an expiration date like milk? 


How long do you keep data?

"GENRALLY", we keep your data as long as your account is up.

How Long We Keep Information

We keep different types of information for different periods of time: 

  • We keep your profile information and content for the duration of your account.

  • We generally keep other personally identifiable data we collect when you use our products and services for a maximum of 24 months. This does not include posts/po$t$, as these can sometimes stay forever unless in some cases you request us to delete them one by one or required by law with proof/law suit etc. Something along the lines of this. 

    Remember public content can exist elsewhere even after you remove it from Cash Richard™ and especially/mainly Cash Richard social™, services/social media services free and 100% forever etc.! For example, search engines and other third parties may retain copies of your po$t$TM longer, based upon their own privacy policies, even after they are deleted or expire on Cash Richard and/mostly/mainly and in this case/Cash Richard social™. You can read more about search visibility here.

  • Where you violate our Rules and your account is suspended, we may keep the identifiers you used to create the account (i.e., email address or phone number) indefinitely to prevent repeat policy offenders from creating new accounts.

  • We may keep certain information longer than our policies specify in order to comply with legal requirements and for safety and security reasons.

Is Cash Richard, and/especially Cash Richard Social, for kids?


Nope, Cash Richard, and Cash Richard Social™, is not intended for people under 13.

Cash Richard, and Cash Richard Social™'s™ audience.

Our services are not directed to children, and you may not use our services if you are under the age of 13. You must also be old enough to consent to the processing of your personal data in your country (in some countries we may allow your parent or guardian to do so on your behalf).


Our new Privacy Policy’s got game!

Our full, legal, none broken down privacy policy starts here.


Take control of your privacy!


Credit to Twitter.com,/X (x.com) for images/art here, and on some of our other pages/policy's also!

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