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Scroll down to see a wonderful image gallery of all services we, but mostly the forum main/Twitter like forum we have!

The everything social media site/app!™ Scroll n explore!™ Forum main/main social media service/platform we have/Twitter and/X like platform main and best etc.! Free! Forum main!

Welcome to CR Social/ Richard Social, the platform where you can be a part of the future of social media! Join us by signing up at It's free and will always remain that way!

Once you're signed up, explore our site and take advantage of our fantastic social media services. Hover over the "Our Social Media Services Online Free" page on our website and click on any of the social media services we offer. You can easily switch between them while browsing the site or using our app on your device. Note that some features like posting, liking, and commenting require you to be signed in.

To unlock the full potential of our platform, make sure to create a public profile. By doing so, you can share your posts and interact with others more freely, receiving messages, likes, comments, and so much more! Check out all the pages on our website to find out how you can promote yourself, earn money potentially, and engage with other members.

At Cash Richard Social™, we provide numerous features to enhance your posts and make them stand out. You can add code, files of various types and sizes in our file share, video uploads, embed HTML code, links, buttons, and much more! Express yourself fully through your posts, comments, and other interactions.

We're constantly evolving, and our members are the key to our success. Join us now and be a part of the future of social media at Cash Richard Social™. Feel free to explore and enjoy all the fantastic features we have to offer!


Welcome to CR Social,, and/Cash Richard Social™, where we are constantly evolving and introducing new features!


We are excited to announce the return of Groups 2.0, where you can now join the main group to interact with other members or create your own community with your own rules and guidelines. Join as a member, and once accepted, you can explore the new Groups 2.0 at

As part of our commitment to providing an enhanced experience, we have services, including the the Better Threads/Twitter/x social media platform/our service which is the forum main/Twitter/X like platform main! To be clear, the Forum Main platform on us.

So please explore the forum main/Twitter/X, threads. and much more like platform main on us with infinite features and text etc.!

Also explore or groups 2.0 re added, and create your own social media platform/group on us, or join/request to join someone else's/community of your interest to! Recently re added and/re done 2.0! More on that later. Keep reading to be amazed or just skim through and look for links, you will still be amazed! Mostly by the forum main though! As its always being updated to!

We also have our 2 photo/media galleries. One features uploads by members and Cash Richard's exclusive behind-the-scenes content, personal life updates, and highlights of our social media services. The other gallery emulates the popular TikTok and YouTube/YouTube shorts-like social media services, where you can view and engage with a diverse range of content. More details are available on that page.

Our image/media gallery allows you to upload images, videos, shorts, and more, with file size and image/video size limits similar to TikTok and Instagram. It's an Instagram-like social experience where you can interact with others by liking, commenting, and more, using images, videos, gifs, and @ mentions.

The main forum on our site/app serves as a central hub for social interactions, resembling the format of Twitter/X-like discussions. It's the most widely used and favorite platform for members, including Cash Richard. As always, this main social media platform is entirely free and will remain so, just like all our other services, except for optional purchasable items.

Our file share feature allows you to upload files of up to 1GB across various formats. Easily transfer files or videos between devices or share them with other members and public profiles/accounts in our community. While the file share is available on the online site only, it serves as our primary platform and works seamlessly across all devices.

In every social service we offer, including the photo galleries, you can comment, like, and download content. It's our goal to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable experience, similar to popular platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter/X, and more.

We take inclusivity and sensitivity seriously. If you come across anything that you feel is insensitive, report it to us, and we'll promptly review it.

At Cash Richard Social™, you have the freedom to express yourself fully through posts, comments, file shares, code integration, and much more on our site, accessible across various devices and also available on our app.

See you on Cash Richard Social™, where the future of social media is in your hands!

By using Cash Richard Social™, you are legally accepting our Terms of Service (TOS) and all other site/app policies. Learn more here. You agree to abide by all our policies, even without an account or being signed in. We aim to create the best, free, open, and fun community on all our social media services, primarily our forum main/main social media service/service we offer etc. So help us out by spreading the word and getting active here!

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