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All The Efforts We Take to Maintain a Healthy Platform And Protect Users

Updated: May 10

The user experience team would like to take this opportunity to remind users of all the ways we keep everyone who creates or views content on our platform safe, especially those who are under 18. Maintaining a healthy and safe platform that people feel comfortable using has always been a top priority at Po$t CRS; here are some of the ways we attempt to keep our platform fun and safe for everyone.

Content Moderation

We are proud to have a responsive and active content moderation team that is on the lookout for any content that violates policies. Users can anonymously report Po$t$, replies and private messages that they believe violate policies, and we also look for any content that is prohibited under our policies. The user who reported will always remain anonymous to prevent harassment or retaliation; repeated false reports from a user or unwarranted mass reporting are against our policies and will be punished.

Free speech is important to us and we don't want to censor anyone's opinions. However, hateful content, bullying and harassment, and other policy violations will be dealt with with warnings, removal of specific po$t$ that violate policies, up to account suspensions and even bans if violations continue. You always be informed about why your content was reported and sanctioned, what the punishment is, and what the next steps are. We recognize that our moderators sometimes make mistakes, and there is an appeal process if you believe your content or account did not violate policies or was unfairly punished.

Take Down Requests

Users have the ability to request that po$t$ that directly harass or reveal information about them be taken down, and we are responsive to these requests as a part of our content moderation policies. When a request is issued, the request and po$t will be reviewed in a short timeframe by a moderator, who will decide whether the po$t should be taken down. Once the moderator makes their decision, the decision and reasoning will be anonymously sent to both the po$ter and the person who submitted the takedown request. If a user repeatedly files false take down requests intended to censor someone, or a user's content is repeatedly taken down, further sanctions can occur. To request a take down, report the content, be specific, then please contact us with all proof and information to help us verify, and also be specific with detail so we can best help you quickly!

Minor Safety Policies

Protecting users who are under the age of 18 should be be priority for any platform, and we take this especially seriously. We have a zero tolerance policy for child sexual abuse material and any other content that exploits or harasses minors. Content that violates our minor protection rules will be subject to severe sanctions, up to and including account termination. Minors who use our platform should do so with parental guidance and monitoring; both minors and their parents should reach out if they have any concerns about their or their child's safety on our platform.

User Mental Health

The mental health of all of our users is another top priority, which is why we encourage users to take breaks and posts are displayed chronologically, without a recommendation algorithm that encourages addiction. We provide mental health resources for anyone who needs them here, and we encourage users to be mindful of how our platform affects their mental health. If you have any further mental health concerns in general or relating to our platform specifically, you are welcome to contact us, and we encourage seeking other support.

Bullying & harassment

We work to prevent any bullying and harassment from occurring on our platform, and we try our best to quickly address it when it does occur. While respectful criticism and jokes are welcome on this platform, bullying and harassment of any individual or group is not. Content that bullies or harasses can be dealt with through user reports, takedown requests and moderator identification. Like other violations, bullying and harassment can be punished with warnings, content removal, and account suspensions and bans if behavior is extreme and repeated.

Hate Speech

While we support free speech and encourage political discussions, hate speech against any group makes our platform a less safe and welcoming place, which discourages others from exercising their free speech. We understand that it is hard to draw the line between permitted content and hate speech, and we are careful when sanctioning any content or account for hate speech. However, hateful content will be taken down, and repeated offenses can lead to account sanctions. Any hate speech punishments will be clearly explained, and subject to appeal or further review.


Thank you for supporting our platform, and for taking the time to read this. We always have prioritized keeping all content creators and users safe, and this post is an opportunity to explain how we do this. If you have any further questions, comments or concerns, reach out to me or Cash Richard through a private message, a po$t tagging us, or

Other resources & important information:

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