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Update 2.0 Across All Of Our Services!

New features

Custom forum feed, view the forum feed with the top/a comment/comments showing up just while scrolling through a custom, basic, new separate forum feed separate from the main feed called custom feed! Filter through how you wish, and enjoy your custom feed all free experience available on the site all devices!

Updated and main major changes to the newer Po$t deck website feature and page/forum feed! New!! Made it more responsive, quicker, and much more! Remember this feature is only for big screen devices such as computer on the site!

New menu and UI look for the website all devices, and the members area, fully re designing the menus, with an even newer 2nd design for the members pages menu/profile menu! Even more new changes to the menus after the updated modernizing the drop down menus even more on the bigger screen devices site, helping your experience on pages with a lot of pages when utilizing the drop down on the site!

Load time/speed increased on the site main!

New temporary custom 2.0 update loading screen!

Custom menu changes on with a special design on the mobile site different from the bigger screen devices site!!

The pt2. Changes mostly out on the app, but also newer updates on the site released also! 2.0 update fully out! On the app the CR AI page which was glitching for some has been fixed, some design changes on the home/forum page with modernization! New images in the header, with another forum layout coming back/a renewed version in the future! The Albums page glitch is being worked on on the app, and we are working on bringing that page back soon. We do greatly apologize. Albums are not affected on the site. A new page layout with a custom feed layout showing the newest po$t$ with more options released on the app also titled #, it is like the explore page!

More pages and bug fixes coming soon especially with Albums on the app to be specific, but also on the site! There are updates every day even behind the scenes, some even BIG!

More pride month celebrations & with creators coming soon!

The CRAI.CO website, chat, and image generator along with scribble image generator have received medium sized updates all helping performance,, new features, and so so much more! Cry AI chat GPT4o + Cry will especially be receiving tons more updates bigger than this in the coming week, weeks, months & of course in the long future! We also have plans and are working on something we mentioned a little while ago. AI video/Cry AI video generator. No updates on this yet, hope to in the near future, but it is in our plans!!


This update has been up there for one of our biggest updates! We are not going to start labelling updates hence the 2.0, but by that does not mean this is only our 2nd update. In fact, when we put the site version of this update out for testing for less than a day, the link said site revision, with a number almost into the 14 thousands. That is just what has been published & or as a site revision, not even including the app! This shows how much time, care, updates & hard work goes into Po$t, CRS daily, hourly, and literally, even every minute!! There are so many non published updated, updates behind the scenes such as more than half of our updates to make your experience amazing, not just great!!

The next update whether small medium or big sized, or even in between will likely be labeled if its a public update/important, and will likely be 2.2.

There has been so much released this year alone, it almost matches our whole years of existing in one year! Thank you so much for your support, so much coming soon and even in the coming week, weeks, months, years & more!! Once again as we always say this is just the start! Thank you & enjoy!!

Ps: The update will receive new things, features, changes, etc., even if unannounced to help improve 2.0, and make it even better even if not announced & will build off the 2.o update from now and on!!

PPS: The trailer video will likely be released this weekend summarizing all of this on the 2.0 update!!

We are the future! - Po$t, CRS

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