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A New Way For Creators, Businesses, Organizations, & Anyone To Advertise With Us! (New Plans & Benefits)

Changes to Advertising/Boosting Plans and Explanation of the New Advertising Plan.

Boosted Campaign (Ad)

We have made changes and renamed the initial advertising plan. When you purchase this plan, you have various advertising options available. You can promote a po$t you have created here, and we will handle the advertising for you. Additionally, you can promote a po$t/link on the ads account to boost it. Moreover, you can choose two po$t$ to advertise in the comments/replies section for your boosted po$t during your 7-day period. You have the flexibility to switch the po$t$ you are advertising in the comment/replies section once per campaign, usually.

Alternatively, you can send us your video or images, limited to 5 images and one video with a length of 1 minute, for your campaign. Please provide the title you would like for your campaign. You also have the option to select the two po$t$ under/in the comments/replies section where your ad will appear, with the ability to change it once per campaign, in most cases. Both options offer great benefits. However, the second option may require more time and will be posted/managed by the ads account to clearly indicate that it is an ad, as with the first option and all other advertising plans. Here is more information about our advertising plans.

We are required to disclose to all members that you have paid for advertising to boost your po$t or campaign/ad.

Boosted Campaign (Ad) Extra

This plan follows the same concept as the first plan, with the added feature that you can repurchase it every 24 hours. Your campaign will last for 24 hours once approved, with all the same terms as the first plan. When you are ready to repurchase this plan after completing your first campaign, simply cancel the plan after your 24 hours or when you are ready, and then repurchase this plan.

Boosted Campaigns (Ad) Custom

Boosted Campaigns Extra includes all the same terms as the previous plans but has no price cap. If you wish to customize your plan after your one-time purchase, you can choose to repurchase the basic plan/this plan or tailor your ad experience with this plan. You can set a budget, and we will bill you through our custom contact method. If you are only purchasing the plan without customization after the initial week of your ad/promotion, which costs $50 for a one-time purchase, but if you wish to advertise more, we will bill you separately for additional customized advertising opportunities.

Thank you - Po$t CRS

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