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New Update For Our Forum & Social media services! #'S For news & Everything! #breakingnews #location

Updated: May 23, 2023

New Update For Our Forum & Social media services! #'S search filter.

How to use #/hashtags around our social media services, but mostly online and for the forum main/main service/social media service we have/offer! Below how to use # to use your location, but not address, and connect with people/po$t$™, near you, and related to you!

Recently in the forum main/main social media service and main service we offer mostly online/site as site/online, is the main way to use us/view us and our services/but mainly our social media services online etc., but app also. But, #'s Don't work as well in app though, yet. Now in the forum main, you can now use "#'s" in your titles/#'s, A.K.A hashtags, to show your po$t™, is about breaking news, or recent news, to display your location/public share/connect #/hashtag, or whatever #/hashtag you used to connect or in your po$t™. But you must use it in your title, so when people use the # for breaking news, or news, also location, and whatever else/everything else, around the social media services and especially forum main, so it can search your po$t™, specifically, and most recent po$t™, to etc.! It wont read your po$t™, if you don't put it in the title, so people won't be able to put the # around the social media services mostly online, and mostly with the forum main in the comments and things like this to search your po$t™/share it also with their friends family and whoever else they know/the infinite view/share cycle etc.!

How to use #/hashtags to use your location, but not address, around our social media services, but mostly online and for the forum main/main service/social media service we have/offer! Also connect with people/po$t$™, near you, and related to you!

By using Cash Richard Social™, you are legally accepting our Terms of Service (TOS) and all other site/app policies. Learn more here. You agree to abide by all our policies, even without an account or being signed in. We aim to create the best, free, open, and fun community on all our social media services, primarily our forum main/main social media service/service. So help us out by spreading the word and getting active here!

🔗 Use hashtags "#" to categorize your po$t$™, indicating if they contain special items such as mostly videos, images, podcasts, or if you're reposting a po$t™ to display you liked it, and it will show up under your profile, forum main comments/reply's/repo$t$™. You can use hashtags for anything else/categorization, in the forum main, but our new system emphasizes things like videos, images, news, breaking news, journalist communication, and so much more/below! For example: #video #news #journalist. Include hashtags in the title of your po$t™ to enable others to engage with our social media services/forum main, and use the # around it! However, if you're repo$ting™, you can use hashtags in the comments, such as #repost or #reposted.

Additionally, use hashtags "#" for location searches/public location sharing and connecting with members/public accounts, such as state, country, city, or town. First, make sure to fill out the locations field in your public profile/account to connect with people using location-based searches. For instance, use hashtags like #Chicago, #Chicagoillinois, #America. Refer to the instructions above for a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively use hashtags. For more information, check out our blog post at: 🔗

This is the new the new system for sorting, and mostly for videos and images/also files but whatever you want on the forum main/1 search and pages/page etc. Go check it out, po$t™/post, and use it so more pop up with the # hashtag search!

Any other/every other hashtags and systems like this, and/trending, and everything else etc.!

Same goes for any other #'s/hashtag you want to use, and especially the trending hashtag whether it be the word trending, or just the top word hashtag. So create your own/our own systems, and be the one to make great, trending, used hashtags, or ones that have not really been "discovered" and or/widely used, and use it, and or to specify your po$t$™, like the ones above! Create, discover, but most of all, be creative! - Cash! This will full take effect will the next giant update rolling out in a few days, and when the article/blog/writing patch notes gets released on the soon. SO MANY NEW FEATURES SOON AS OF 5/11/23!

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