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Minecraft Was Not Always The Game We Know Today

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Minecraft, a game that most people/ gamers know about, was not always the game we all know now. Minecraft has had many versions, starting with java edition, and 1.1 updating being the very first. Source here. While the launch had lots of hype at the time back on January 12, 2012, lots of people that play today were still not even born. That is beside the point. Minecraft was a giant game even on launch day with the peak starting just a few days after day 1 of launch 1.1. Infact the game kept peaking and gaining from 2012, and java/ game version 1.1, all the way till 2019 till they leveled out, and started declining. This is natural for a game to decline, but not natural for a game to see an incline and maintenance of players like Minecraft did for such an extended period. Just look at other games. Among us, Fall guys, etc.

The texture in Minecraft did not change much until later versions fixed textures, and optimized the game better, while also making multiplayer more accessible. Once against when this update came out, the game was still increasing and skyrocketing in players because this was way before 2019 when players level out and started to drop, as I mentioned. View more about Minecraft player history, and current player information here. Minecraft currently as of 2022 has 141 million active players word wide. That number will slowly increase, while also eventually slowly decrease. Keep in mind, that's active players, but accounts. You can find other information about that on the links we provided, or other sites, as it is difficult to find. With the underwater release, or 1.13, that brough a lot of texture changes also, with it not only being a big player jump, a big texture upgrade, and a big cool update that was never seen before for Minecraft players. More information on version 1.13 here as we are not trying to go on rants and copy information from other sites! Give us feedback if you would like us to do this in future posts/ blogs/ articles.

Skipping ahead to recent days, you have Minecraft servers, roleplay, and so many more forms of Minecraft playing and content by players, bringing players who caused the down trend, or quit, back to the game. Also, the release of the recent version 1.19 being the wild updates, has seem to make everyone go wild, and come back to the game like they never left it. The number of active players, which we mentioned above, increased lots once that update was released. Some say that the player count kept increasing pass 2019, but most sources, and information show that is false. But you do not need to be an expert to see that the new Minecraft update looks entertaining and would make you want to play. So, you would think the player increase recently for the new update would be true. And it is. The wild update changed the game in many ways, adding cool monsters, a few types of animals, and cool types of lands, called biomes, or pois. That is just a small list from the update. You can find out more of the wild update, and recent Minecraft updates here. Some more proof of the player increases with the new recent updates, and especially the wild update, at this link with revenue, and more from Minecraft here.

It is hard to say how Minecraft's players trend will continue, or updates will be like, but all we can say is Minecraft is not a dead game, they will lose some players, and gain some, and they have lots of updates for the near, and far future for us. I mean just look at their most recent updates such as wild update. I do not think they are going anywhere. I have been playing Minecraft since I was young, and I still play sometimes. It isan incredibly fun game, especially with friends! They are an amazing game, and company, and we should all be excited to see what the future will hold no matter their active their players count! Thanks for listening! Minecraft website, and buy/ download link here.

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