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How To Filter Po$t$™ Around The Social Media Services/Forum Main/#'s, & Recommended po$t$™ You View!

Updated: May 29, 2023

Filtering po$t$™, to see what's recommended for you/recommended po$t$™, and or to see more than that or specific options can be a great way to connect with other people, view more po$t$™ especially in the future as we get more people po$ting/posting/po$ters™/posters etc.! The main example we are going to use is the forum main, which is the main social media service/and service in general, and this will go for most of our other social media services to/what we say in this post here, so listen up!

Filtering po$t$™ with our built in method. We already show you newest and/recommended po$t$™, but if you want to go past the default filter each time you visit and view po$t$™/swipe n explore™, no matter the service, then we have custom filters to from a drop down, along with #'s. First lets get into custom filter options we already have. When you first load on the forum main, and shared media galleries, but mostly forum main, you will be automatically loaded on recent activity filter/recommended po$t$™. Not for you, just recommended po$t$ to watch! This is so we are not invading peoples privacy with to many algorithms, and showing content just cause they watch something or viewed a po$t™, or from a user that maybe they did not like. If you want to really set it to recommended po$t$™ or even for you, then you can use the filter drop down mostly on the forum main as displayed in the picture here/below, and specifically for this select, most viewed, recent, or something with those words/recent, or most etc.!

The 2nd #'s. When searching around the site, or mostly the forum main/main social media service, and service in general search bar, do # then the item your search no space like this, #w. Or just type something in normally in the search. You can also use hashtags around the forum main, and social media services which are clickable if you type the #hashtag correctly. More on this from a article/blog post here!

There is many more methods, but these are the best, and most recommended methods/new and or/improved methods! SEE WHAT YOU WANT!

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