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Help With Your compromised Account

If your account has been compromised but you're still able to log in, this page will help you secure your account and stop unwanted behaviors, but if you are not able to access your account, this page will follow you through the steps you can take to get your account back. Has my account been compromised? Have you:

  • Noticed unexpected po$t$ by your account

  • Seen unintended Direct Messages sent from your account

  • Observed other account behaviors you didn't make or approve (like following, unfollowing, or blocking)

  • Received a notification from us stating that your account may be compromised

  • Received emails from us about account changes or logins and it was not you

  • Received a notification from us stating that your account information has changed, and you didn't change it

  • Noticed your password is no longer working and you are being prompted to reset it

If you've answered yes to any of the above, please take the following steps: 1. Change your password Please change your password immediately, when going to log in with whichever method you log in with, e.g. email, go in a private browser tab signed out, and enter your email in the sign in form screen, and click forgot password button. If you are logged out, go to Login and click on Forgot Password also to reset your password. Please select a strong password you haven't used before.

Important: Changing an account's password does not automatically log the account out of CR Social (CRS) for iOS, for Android applications, or the site in some cases. In order to log the account out of these apps, please contact us on the contact page under the about us page drop downs, or go to this page link for compromised or hacked accounts. If you frequently receive password reset messages that you did not request, you can require that your email address must be entered in order to initiate a password reset. Instructions on resetting password above on the web only main.

2. Make sure your email address is secure Make sure that the email address attached to your account is secure and that you are the only one with access to it. You can request to change your log-in email address through contacting us and answering and going through all verification steps if you need it to be changed. (New feature)

3. Revoke connections to third-party applications This means, google login, or Facebook login etc. Secure those accounts, but if they are the way you login then don't disconnect them as you could lose your account. Contact us. 4. Update your password in your trusted third-party applications If a trusted external application uses your CR Social password, be sure to update your password in that application. Otherwise, you may be temporarily locked out of your account due to failed login attempts. You usually don't have a limit on attempts though. Your account should now be secure, and you shouldn't see the unexpected account behaviors moving forward. If you're still experiencing issues, please file a support request for assistance. 5. Contact Support if you still require assistance If you still can't log in after attempting a password reset, contact us by submitting a Support Request. Be sure to use the email address you associated with the compromised CR Social account/profile; we'll then send additional information and instructions to that email address. When submitting your support request please Include both your username and the date you last had access to your account, and more details if and when we require them. Learn more about what you can do if you've lost access to the email account associated with your X account. Protect your account with simple precautions If your account has been compromised, take these additional precautions (if you can):

  • Delete any unwanted po$t$ that were posted while your account was compromised.

  • Scan your computers/all other devices if possible that where still logged in and or quickly regained access for viruses and malware, especially if unauthorized account behaviors continue to be posted after you've changed the password.

  • Install security patches for your operating system and applications.

  • Always use a strong, new password you don't use elsewhere and would be difficult to guess.

  • Make sure that you and only you can access your CR Social (CRS) account/profile whether public or private etc.

  • Do not share your login credentials with anyone as a best practice to minimize the risk of account compromise.

You can find more information in our account security tips page. (security and help center page/tutorials, and all wiring/blog posts etc.) How do accounts become compromised? Accounts may become compromised if you've entrusted your username and password to a malicious third-party application or website, if your CR Social account/profile is vulnerable due to a weak password, if viruses or malware on your computer are collecting passwords, or if you're on a compromised network. Unexpected updates don't always mean that your account was compromised. Occasionally, a third-party application can have a bug that causes unexpected behavior. If you see strange behavior, changing your password and/or revoking connections will stop it, as the application will no longer have access to your account. It's best to take action as soon as possible if updates are appearing in your account that you did not post or approve.

We are very sorry you had to go through this, we know how it feels. We will resolve this with you. - CR Social (CRS) - Cash Richard

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