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Blog On Some Articles Coming Soon, And New Site Updates!

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

You might have noticed the new Cash Richard social™ update. Yes, it was a big one, that has been getting worked on since December. The reason was because of things like policies, legal, and we wanted to create the best experience for our users that was free, and easy to use to share things like its own social media platform! You can post now, even without an account on most things, while it is recommended you have an account, here now. Check it out! Read our policy first though here. One of the biggest ones is groups, forum/ discussions, we have two things that are like forums, but the groups that you must sign up for, is like a forum, free, and like reddit! Not sponsored. You can self-promote, and more, just stick to our terms of service, or Tos. Now on some of the articles we will be posting soon since this is a blog, and all our blogs will be in this style. Health articles, gaming articles, on Fortnite, and health on drinks, and others. We cannot give too much away. See you soon, excited for more update blogs like this, more site content every day, and new products every Sunday night/ Monday, a more. Stay tuned. Also, more weather type content soon, especially since there is a hurricane coming for Florida, and we cover weather also. We will only do weather sometimes in articles/ blogs, and inconsistent, everything else will be consistent. See you then.

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