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How To Upload A YouTube Video, Step By Step Instructions

Updated: Mar 27

Step 1: making sure your video file is easy to access and in mp4 format.
Step 2: opening YouTube and making sure your signed in and customized all channel settings. More on this here:
Step 3: visit the YouTube uploading page, which can be accessed by clicking the video/camera icon in the top right of your screen, or the + icon in the bottom middle of your app screen. More here:

Step 4: drag and drop or select your file, but make sure it's the correct mp4 file for your video upload.
Step 5: wait for your video to be uploaded 100% and processed 100% after this, and once it says uploaded and the publish button turns blue, you can choose your settings, e.g. private, public, unlisted etc., you can press publish.
Note: video quality may processes a few minutes to a few hours after you publish your video, this depends on the factors such as video length, quality, file size, and things like this etc. Meaning when you first publish it, if you don't let it process, it may look blurry and may not have rendered its full 1080p or whichever quality you have selected on your video due to YouTube's processing speeds even after publishing. This is why it's best to leave your videos on private until your video quality is and looks correct!
Step 6: enjoy your video and customize and further if you want! You can always change your title thumbnail etc.!


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Cash Richard
Cash Richard
27 de mar.
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Fixed post. Accidently deleted it because of a bug earlier today while adding an image and thumbnail image. Apologise.

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