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“Monetization,” / Tips, The Way To Earn Money On Our Social Media Platform/Your Profile/Account.

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

About our way of monetization for now. 💵

We are tying to make monetization for creators and our social media services posters on our site/app more of a thing. This meaning getting payed for content interaction, and in return giving us views and site/app interaction, and hopefully in the future this+ our advertisers posts interactions/ads etc. But for now we have another method until we get more members/public accounts, and site/app interactions and especially our social media services and third-party advertisers posts and ads in the future.

We have another awesome new solution where you could technically make as much money as other people want to give you. Confused? Read more from our awesome monetization system here on the monetization page. It was just updated and more was added and for the social media services/forum category's specified for this etc.

Understand that when tipping someone on the third party app or site, it is off our services, policy's, and your doing it at your own risk as some services might be less known and untruss worthy but that's what you have to determine. We are not liable. This is a generous action from you.

Getting started on Cash Richard/Cash Richard social™ 👋

Learn the rules:

Familiarize yourself with the Cash Richard rules and policies under the about us page drop down etc. The main one being our TOS, terms of service, link here. These are the requirements that apply to everyone on Cash Richard and all other sub names/logos and services etc. If you have any questions, reach out to us on our contact page with our contact form and or two emails listed etc.

Understand your safety and support resources:

  • Learn about Cash Richard's safety tools that let you control what you see and who you interact with.

  • Understand what type of account support is available to you and what you should do if you find yourself in need of help. The Help Center includes information on what to do if you’ve lost access, your account was hacked, you’re being impersonated, or you’ve been suspended, how to contact us and above in this post/blog post etc. You can also file a ticket for more sensitive issues, like leaked personal information or harassment.

Customize your social media service settings such as post filters especially in the forums/forum 1 main. Screenshot below.

And some options on your account/profile page whether public and or private etc.

Cash Richard™ and Cash Richard social/services™ for creators 🎨

Resources for all creators:

Optimize for your skill set 🎥

Are you a podcaster? Make sure you read up on our various resources for podcasters and live streamers resources in your posts and/uploads after its live/or broadcasted etc., including how to best make your podcast standout on the posts feed.

Also take a look at how to embed streams and videos in your social media posts on our site/app here. Two posts.

Live to go live? We have tips for "going live" on our social media services/Cash Richard™ social™/media™/embedding them on the forum main, or uploading them, or even po$ting the link and in a html custom code element on us/here! Getting viewers from elsewhere. Read these two blog posts from us.

Making money on Cash Richard™/social™ 💰

Well we kind of explained in this post, scroll up and read more, but also visit this page/our monetization page updated recently to be great!

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