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Article/Blog, Mix On Fact's, And Personal Experience On Caffeine Withdraw. Tips Also!

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Caffeine withdraw, something that anyone who needs where morning coffee, or morning "buzz" fears. But caffeine can have effects, and benefits. Depending on your lifestyle, age, and more. But depending also on what it is, for example, coffee, it can be even good for you in some ways! For things like energy drinks, they have opposite effects than health benefits, but that is a talk for another day. This is coming from someone who has just gone through this and used to love energy drinks. Trust me! Even though I am having caffeine withdraw, I still have coffee sometimes as it can be acceptable depending on age, and more research has shown. In fact, the FDA, or here: has said adults can have up to 400mg of caffeine which is around 4 cups of coffee.

That is a different story for kids, as no amount is recommended, but there is an acceptable amount. You can research that on Back to the point. If you where someone who needed to chill on the caffeine, or stop it, due to health effects with energy drinks, or too much, you will get caffeine withdraw and it is not as easy as to say "goodbye" because you have been depending on caffeine, and caffeine is addicting and a drug. Some of the reasons you might have quit, or limited caffeine would be, heart palpations, heart problems, trouble sleeping, depending on it too much, bad crash, vomiting, another. Learn more here. Do not get me wrong, you might not have had any of those problems, and you just want to cleanse your body. That is okay. There are always those people that drink drinks that have caffeine such as coffee to be cool, but that would not play a big part in this. Lots of drinks have caffeine in them, therefore caffeine withdraw, and cutting down on caffeine can be such a challenging task. Let me give you some examples. Coke, Pepsi, Tea, Mountain Dew, and so much more. This is just one of the many reasons why I struggled, and why you might be struggling, with caffeine with draw. For anyone who thinks it is not real, because we all know there are always those people, here are some of the symptoms of caffeine withdraw, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, tiredness, sore eyes, headaches, and more. But when something good usually comes out of it, that is the good news about it! Now here are the benefits and how long it takes off the pain of withdrawing, and how it benefits you once the "horrible" period is over.

1 Less anxiety. 2 better sleeps. 3 Better consumption of nutrients. 4 Cleaner teeth, and breath. 5 And balanced hormones for women. These were the main five we found from main sources, and our main correct source, that was resources, and I can agree with, which is why i selected the top 5 not ten, is from this site here. We did not explain more on the 5 of our many reasons we could have listed, because we are summing it up to you, and this is also our first article/ blog. Next time we will go into detail and more. Also, the website summed it up perfectly! The point is there are benefits. No matter what article you read, not matter what facts you read, it will not make you feel better, nor encourage you to chill on your caffeine. But that is not what we are here for. I just wanted to share some facts, and my personal experience which I am still going through now. Last part, here are some ways to deal with caffeine withdrawal.

1 Hydrate a lot. 2 Avoided sources of caffeine as much as possible. 3 do not drop caffeine all at once. Drop it gradually. This is our personal tip! 4 Get plenty of sleep, and consistently. 5 Boost energy in other ways, such as foods, and more. The reason not to drop caffeine all at once is because all these symptoms will happen and feel at their worst. So DONT! Hydrating is key and is great because your body can take in the best when you first drop caffeine. So, take advantage and hydrate. But I still always hydrate. Sleep is important because it will affect how tired you feel, and how you feel. If you feel horrible tired and you just dropped caffeine, that is going to make you brew a cup of coffee or open a Redbull you forgot to throw away. So, do not. Get good sleep. And keep it consistent. Food sources are a wonderful way of energy, especially in the morning, so do not skip meals, be consistent for that too, and eat healthy! More here. See you in the next blog, or article, or both mixed like this!

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This is great, read all!

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