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Advertise Your Po$t$ With Us, And Promote Your Business/Org, Or Profile/Po$t$ Here! New! CR Social!

We have two new plans which you can promote your po$t$/posts in our main social media service/service,/advertise your business/org, or profile, and more on the site/app! This is the new way of advertising, and and another great way to promote your po$t$, business or organization, and mostly your po$t$ and profile public not private, on the site/app depending on the plan you get on our awesome, one of a kind social media service/site/app and service/features etc.! Here we are going to list some tips for the po$t you want to be the one to advertise, or po$t$/posts depending on the plan you bought, instructions, more information, where to purchase, and more!

Where to purchase, and more info on both plans, the differences, details, and both of them.

Tips to creating the best po$t while you have it pinned/in your advertised time period etc.!

Key words that stick out in the title that are trending and interesting. #'s also, especially trending, or trending search results in the forum main search bar.

Short but professional po$t with a video, and a easy link embeded in text.

Staying appropriate for most audience, while reaching out to most/all audiences, and that you can! Images, embeds, videos, multiple media items, and more! Make use of our features especially on the forum main/main service etc.!

Follow our course coming out soon which will be tips on po$ting on our social media site/forum main mostly/main service and social media service/site and/app also, and also just po$ting on social media and other sites BUT MOSTLY OURS. Also health courses and my journey, thee Cash Richards health journey, weight loss etc. Tips, diet, diary, keeping track, and so much more soon but not to soon for the 2nd one etc. 😂

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