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About Our Mobile App, How To Sign In To It, & How It's Different From The Site. To Clear Confusion.

About our mobile app, and how its different from the site.

Our mobile app is on hosting called Wix hosting, for servers and websites/apps, and more. This is not the case for our website obviously as that is all alone and owned by us completely. Same as our app, the only difference is, instead of us having to pay $600+ a month, when we don't even have enough members on our app yet, we can use an app builder, on a app shared hosting platform from our server hosting and/developer worker company.

What this means is our app is not a single branded app on the app store, but yet our app is a space and our own app on the app called Wix spaces from our server hosting/dev platform. Therefore there has been some confusion oversigning in to the app because it says, "sign in or create a wix account." And all that means is your website account, as our website is owned by us, alone, and all ours, and not Wix/Wix space's etc. AND NEVER WAS OR WILL BE!

So therefore whenever you want to join us on our app until we have enough app specific members, we always say the site is better/online all devices because it is, and if you want to use our app on Wix spaces/space app/still our app, you can sign in using your site account, or create an account from our site, and sign in to our app using the invite code, signing into the Wix spaces app with your site account, and typing in the invite code to join our app space on the Wix spaces app/our app etc.!

We hope this clears up some confusion, we know this might still be quite confusing, but please don't hesitate to reach out!

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