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2: Creator Benefits. Milestones For Eligible Creators Who Have Earned/Bought Certain Badges!

Where to get more info on other Creator benefits 1, who is eligible for that, and what is in this post, and more. Read more from our other recent related post. Link here:

Note: clicking that link above for the first post can also inform you of how to meet the eligibility, and/earn it one day, and apply/get these badges and work towards it to/purchase the eligible badges also for businesses etc. THIS IS AVALIBLE TO EVERYONE, YOU JUST NEED TO MEET ELIGIBILITY WHICH EVERYONE CAN! IT TAKES TIME AND GRIND!

About more/the 2nd round of benefits you can receive if eligible or contact us to check etc. More.

Milestone benefits.

Milestone benefits are something you hit based of your profile/account, and or usage of our forum main/social media platform and everything else etc. Mostly under the forum main and our social media platform (CR Social). Forum main!

Account/member account milestones.

Public profile milestones through followers. The follower count milestone numbers are, 50k followers if slower growth after 20k, 100k followers, 1mil followers, 50 mil followers, and 100mil followers for now!

K=Thousand Mil=Million

The rewards for these specific milestones.

Some rewards for hitting these milestones are, getting a package with a Congratulations card, plaque, led sign with your follower count number, and username, but if your in the early stages of the milestones, then you get a card + a mini sign plaque for your wall, with your milestone number/follower count, and profile name. Special characters not included.

For higher milestones/100k+, you get a congratulations card also, an led custom plugin light with your follower count milestone and your username with no special characters! For 100 million, it would be completely custom, and thought out when someone hits it then and up etc.

Sometimes more will be added in depending on your impact on us, your impact, and your hard work and grind etc.! This is just a set example that will likely be used a lot!

How to claim your milestone reward.

If you have read the steps and requirements on the other post, link above, even if you have met the criteria for a milestone gift, but have not met the requirements from the other creator benefits post, you will have to apply or buy that first. More info on the post link above. But now to claim you reward, once you have meet the requirements of both posts/articles, checked your follower count and waited a week of being active after hitting the milestone/follower goal etc., you will need to contact us at one of our two emails, or on our contact page link here.

Once you go to contact us, you will need to provide your secure account pin, if you don't have one set one, make sure your account/members account profile is public, contact us with the email on your milestone/main account, username, birthdate, and follower count/milestone, and which milestone you are at. If you wait for a higher milestone, you cannot stack rewards, you get one at a time, you cannot save up for previous multiple[le milestone goals besides the last one you where at, unless you just received and new milestone follower goal etc. We will likely ask for more info and requirements to verify everything, and make sure its actually your account, including address also. Make sure to fill out the private address field on your account though even if you have not purchased anything yet. Make sure the field is private before saving with the globe ball like earth icon next to the address fields. Make sure to FULLY fill it out please! We will verify in the contact thread/email thread with you though.


Is this free, and does it include shipping?
Of course. Everything is free including shipping no matter the milestone gift! You earned it!

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