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Your Legal Date Of Birth, Vs. Your Public Profile Birthdate Field. Public Vs. Private Fields. (More)

What the account/profile two birthday fields are. Public vs. private.

The two date of birth/birthday fields are separate from the one verifying your age when signing up, You can choose to show your date of birth, month, year, & more in the field on your profile called "Born" with a balloon emoji. You can choose to make this field public or private using the little globe ball like icon next to all &/this field. If your profile is already private, this will not matter at all, as it's not really a profile, but just your private account.

The date of birth field is a legal age verification/requirement field you need to fill out again that stays private on your account, not profile, unless you choose, which verifies your at least age 13+. You must fill this out after sign up, and even now if you still have not whether, days, weeks, months, years, etc., after signing up etc. If you are not at least age 13, you may not be apart of our services, please contact us to delete your info, public or private profile &/account.

The differences.

One is a public birthday field that you may choose to include the year you were born in for the public, or even choose to fill it ours or make it public even, just so people on your public profile know your birthday if you have your profile on public, and the other one is for us to double verify your age if we need to go back to your profile for any reason after your sign up form, that stays on your profile, which you should keep private, because the other field "Born" is the one that is meant to be public of you please!


You must be at least age 13+ to use any of our services, account services, or anything else to do with us/Po$t | CR Social ( (CRS)

Profile fields, & info on making them public/private, and what it does for public accounts/profiles.

Any of the account/profile fields you have filled out and customized on your account/profile, you can choose to make public or private. Obviously confidential fields, such as address, phone, and other fields like this should be kept private, especially if your profile/account is public. We are not liable if you do/dont do this. Most of the profile fields you can fill out that are meant to be shown off and set to public, can be set to public and used on your public profile/account face! Most of the profile like fields that we encourage public accounts to fill out and make public, are already private, and waiting for you to fill out and make public! Such as born/birth date, not year, other social media links, a link to tip you/a link where someone can donate to you, pronouns, jobs and your position in that job, and much much more! Most default set to private incase you never fill them out, don't have what's in the field, or if you just never make your account public, which would be silly as thats the main point in us/Po$t | CR Social (CRS)!

Here are some screenshot examples:

(click to full screen image gallery)


For more support, our live chat help center, our help pages/help center page, and more, please refer to the links below.

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