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Your local postal driver, at his/her discretion, may choose to leave the package at the door or on your porch. We are not responsible for packages that are damaged, lost, or stolen after the driver confirms delivery of the package. If you do contact us via our two emails, or contact us page, we can ask for some pictures, and a few other things/requirements, and contact our shipper, and see what they can do, and if you meet the requirements for any compensation/refund, or if its your damage, and not the shipper or our fault. You must contact us within 48 hours of your delivery for damaged or stolen packages so we can try to resolve this with the shipper, and if the shipper cannot help in most cases for stolen packages there is nothing we can do. For lost packages we can usually get help from the shipper that we used if you meet our contact requirements, and provide a and the correct tracking information on your order, and as long as the tracking page still works from the shippers side, then there is a high chance for compensation. No guarantees as this is the shippers fault. Once again, we will do everything in our power to help you. We and the shipper can usual resolve issues like this as long as your honest, meet our requirements, and a few other things time wise etc.

We strongly recommend that you check the tracking link provided to you frequently to make sure someone is there to receive the package at the time of delivery. You will receive a tracking number and link for your package once it has left our warehouse, or our third part company's warehouse in most cases. This will lower the chance for anything like this to happen, and if we or the shipper cant help, this will lower the chance of you getting screwed over in rare cases.

If you have any questions regarding the tracking information given to you or your package shows delivered and you can’t find it, please contact your local post office for assistance first. We only see what the tracking page says, BUT your local post office can give you more information. If there is no longer viable tracking information due to a significant time lapse, we are unable to assist. We don't mean to sound harsh we just want to make our legal standpoint clear. Obviously if there is a clear error contact within the delivery window provided above in the paragraph/text, and we will see if you meet the requirement for something/support/compensation and this could also be from the shipper company to. We are also not liable but we will try to help for any shipping errors, or losses. This is why you have to contact within the delivery window to meet some of our requirements for support and, to get a better chance to be supported. Legal notice: We reserve the right to not give any refunds, returns, or exchanges. 

If you do not believe a delivery was made, please follow the instructions on the appropriate Proof of Non Delivery and instructions above from the instructions above. Please email us at & business@crsocial.netYou can also visit our contact page with our email form!

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