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We strive to pack all your orders perfectly, and also so do our third party company's that ship our products, and products to you sometimes, and in most cases, but let’s face it — human error is inevitable. Things can happen throughout your packages journey, and the third party company's we use for some of our products/apparel.

Please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your products of any error or damages. If you are not home to receive your package and you contact us a few days late, then we will review the situation, let us know via email because we will check and ask, and we will device how many days outside the 48 hour period it is, and if it is fair, and if we can still help you.

We can reject any request for refunds even during the contact periods. This is due to the shipping carrier being at fault, but we will do anything in our power to help you and make your order right in most cases. If you contacted during the delivery period, or couldn't because of circumstances with you and explained it, but as long as you contacted and explained, you will be provided with some instructions such as photo proof, product proof, boxing proof, and other information such as photos, tracking, delivery date, account date, and the best compensation for you if the shipper or our third party company cannot help. We will first contact the shipping carrier to see if they will compensate then if not we will take action in our own hands and in most cases make your order right. We would have to contact our multiple third party company's first, then if they cannot do anything, we will let you know about it via our two contact emails A.K.A the way you contacted and see what we can do next and in most cases we can compensate out of pocket if you do meet the requirements, based on our standards, verification standards, and contact standards. Obviously if there is a clear error contact within the delivery window we provided and we will see if you meet the requirement for something. We are also not liable but we will try to help for any shipping errors, or losses. Legal notice: We reserve the right to not give any refunds, returns, or exchanges. 
Need help? Please email us at & You can also visit our contact page with our email form!

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