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The shipping address cannot be changed after your order is placed. however if you message us fast enough from when your order ships and you get tracking then we might have a chance to contact support from the shipping company and change it. 24 hour time period, and no guarantees, but we will always do our best. Always worth a try though. If your order is placed and you released fast before it ships especially then there is a higher chance we can fix it before we ship it out if you contact us after placing your order. Once again no guarantees, legal. We are not responsible, its you. This is why it is best to review your order when you place it, and your order details, and before you place it always. Make sure you provide the correct address at checkout because we are not responsible if your order gets delivered to the wrong address. If you want a refund the only refund we offer would be to reroute the order to your correct address. This specific issue does not apply to our "shipping and returns."

We will do everything and anything in our power to help you and make your order right no matter what has happened. Once a package has shipped usually the address cannot be changed from the carrier. Read our other police's. Need help? Please email us at & business@crsocial.netYou can also visit our contact page with our email form!

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