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Cash Richard Wall Papers for PS4/5, PC, and more! (Don't worry, its all free!)

How to Download and Set Your Wallpaper for PC and PS4

1. Choose your favriote Cash Richard wallpaper below

2. Click download for ps4 or computer Under the image to open the wallpaper

3. Click the Doanloaded wall paper that shows up in the bottom of your browser

4. On your computer to set your computer backround right click your home screen and click personalize

5. Then click browse and then select your downloaded file from our website

6. For ps4 create a folder called images in the main directory of your usb stick and add the wall paper to it from your computer 

7. Go to the “Themes tab under your PS4 settings menu, choose Select theme, Custom, your USB storage device, then Select image

8. Select apply.

9. Enjoy the awesome Cash Richard wallpaper 

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