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What's New On The Site/Social Site, New Features, & More Over The Past Month And/2023! Lots!

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

What's New On The Site/Social Site, New Features, & More Over The Past Month And/2023! Lots!

1: We have been posting mini update notes throughout the site on our social site/forum 1 main/Twitter like forum on pretty much every important and public change on the site, so this is why we have been putting of patch notes for so long. In these patch/update notes and what's new on the site, we will be going through recently/the past month what's new on the site, and the new social site features mainly on Cash Richard social free social media site online, and site design, features and shop/subscription etc. Also the reason we switched to doing update notes/patch notes and what's new in a article/blog post, mostly blog post style is because its easier for layout, images, page speed on the what's new page, history of patch notes, not just a text box adding plane old text, you can share the link, I can add so many elements to it, etc. Patch notes starts now mostly in order from the start/middle so far of 2023 from the date of now/3/16/23.

We have updated the site from the Christmas theme, to the standard site black, red, and pink/back and pink colors mixed together, and changed the headers and footers, and the header/top of the site on pc and mobile, we have added a live video to it in the color black closes to our site black theme color main besides pink and red. We will try to find/get and make a video with our site theme colors for the header/top of the site in the future. This is for pc and mobile same for pretty much all updates in this/all updates in general and always. This was for the site design, and user experience/eye catching. With this we have also made the header on pc and mobile way smaller, especially on pc, mobile not as much, for user experience, and screen experience when scrolling on the site/mostly on the home page image for pc/computer like devices as the header stays at the top of the site only for pc unlike mobile/phone like devices where it scrolls with the phone but hides when scrolling down, and shows when scrolling up/one movement of the site heading up the page etc. Test it out!

Our mobile website is just as good as our pc website thanks to countless hours, and working all day everyday pretty much since the site started even on our first site hosting etc. Cash Richard thee. doing these updates for Currently there is now a saint Patrick's day theme for the site. Just until Monday 3/20/23 We have also updated the live chat and members chat themes, all buttons on the site colors to match either the pink, red, or black colors or both for text background, or the pink and red color in one color we have etc. We have done this for the live chat bar also and the members chat bar, and updated the members chat, more on that below under this paragraph/text. We also updated the search icon and cart icon in the header, and redesigned the footer on pc and mobile for better experience and better user ui ux. On mobile we now have a little bubble icon always on screen in the bottom right with some animated buttons when you click it, it opens a menu, with some sub links to pages such as some/account, etc. Image example on pc/computer/my website editor online on my pc/computer, but what it looks like on mobile below. Out now. Mobile only.

The TOS, terms of service policy was updated as everyone was emailed and made aware. If you did not look at the notifications or posts on the site/social site online free, and still don't know about it and/the changes to it and that policy specifically, you can go read it and its changed here at this link.

Huge!!! Cash Richard pink subscription fixed! You can purchase it now monthly no hassle with new benefits also with a check mark badge etc.!

Now time for some of the forum 1 main posts/Twitter like forum 1 posts/update posts on our social site online free over the past months/month and 2023 on updates/updat enotes etc imbed below.

We fixed and thanks also to our website support hosting team, Wix, we have all fixed the glitch on the Cash Richard pink™ subscription™, ever since the release date after all of these days since the start of 2023, and we apologize, but it is now fixed. Go read the benefits, and purchase it now/your check mark badge/verified check mark purchased with benefits and new benefits every few months/monthly! Link to purchase page here.

A link to our about badges/verified badges, and account badges apply, re apply, info, and more about this badge benefits also here.

Two new categories in this forum. One where you can save your posts even when your not done with them as a public "draft/drafts". This is great as there was not feature for this forum 1 main/Twitter like forum 1 main, and if you were editing a post, or posing something, and had to tab out and or come back to it later, it would not save. Now it does if you publish your draft/half finished or whatever none finished post to the category called public drafts so you can come back to it later under my posts at the top menu in this forum 1/the main social service we offer, and go to the drafts category and edit your public draft and publish it when your done in the correct category you want it published to the public, example, the main category/all and general discussion main. Just a note/warning, your draft is public to everyone and you can view other peoples drafts but please try not to, and we are disabling commenting, likes, etc. on that category as it's not the finished version of the post.

Working on a full solution for the future and the other non main forum 2 soon, but for now this is amazing/great and a huge change for the site/main social service/forum 1. Patch/update notes out soon, either today or tomorrow for sure, it won't be under the what's new page, that will be for later in march/end and for huge updates like what big sites do example/like YouTube one of our favorite sites that c'mon we all use mostly, but it will be an article/blog post that will be advertised in your account notifications, email, and posted in both forums around the social site to make you aware of when it gets released! So make sure your signed in, signed up for emails, and stay up to date and clear your account notifications A.K.A the little bell icon near your member name/on pc in the top right! Different on mobile the positioning. More fun and life posts here, and the update posts/articles/blogs.

Members chat update/whole new features/Cash Richard™ and Cash Richard social™ free™ members chat 2.0™

A new design, new interface/responsive design for pc and mobile, new colors to fit the site theme, and also to make it easier to see what's your messages and other members messages/my messages or Cash Richard support messages/bot messages and the automated website message when you are trying to use the members chat incorrectly/glitched and signed out with the Cash Richard logo etc. New icon, chat font and design to match the live chat. New features, new responsive design, for longer names/messages and or group chat names or messages etc. you can now on pc have a scroll to the side instead of it being cut of. It is responsive in this way! On mobile/phone it is different, you can swipe to the site, it is/this and is responsive also and better! Pc and mobile. New bubble colors for your messages and the other persons messages/us and our bots messages/the members chat messages with the logo. So much more, go check it out!

We have made the members page background image bigger on pc, and the badges medium size/smaller on pc and mobile. The first change only for pc/pc like devices/computer etc.

New homepage update to reduce content/the adding of tabs and a website on a website for content/only on the home page etc. Pc and mobile.

Click on the button/header button title tab below to view the content you want to view that would normally be on the home page, that has been added to this one clickable, click to change content segment on the site for all tabs and titles/buttons listed above. The point in short is to reduce scroll time on pc and mobile like devices on the site/site sessions, and make the content more accessible and easily to find and look at for when you find it in the tabs/this system we have like a website of content imbedded on a website on our website homage! Let us know if you need help using this, and or feed back on our contact pages, feed back pages, and or two emails +!

But other updates like many new features, bug fixes, design fixes, features, feedback fixes, feedback, and so much more on the site, and/social site free online mostly recently, and in the future etc.

Thank Ghosh. Big site fix, my site account fix and forum 1/Twitter like forum 1 main fix, and patch notes/update notes info etc. Glitch.

For the past almost half a week, all of the forum posts where deleted while my advance team, and while my website hosting/app hosting team worked on helping me fix my site account, and I though all of my posts/work and account work would be gone forever, so I just had to work on the site, knowing I could not work on the social site for a little, the main forum 1/Twitter like forum, so I just had to work on the site, and this account issue, waiting to here back from the team while trying to fix it myself, updating the site and/social site and was about to release patch notes and was posting late night about updates, but then this happened. But thank Gosh it was restored, I am basically explaining why I was not posting for a few days but why the site was receiving huge updates, and why also you could not see my posts and only public members/basically no posts and or update posts or emails from me because basically I was just updating the site all day every day during this site glitch/my account glitch, until it was fixed because I did not want to bring attention to it.

But now its fixed I can now post again, I missed posting every day, I was not allowed to post while my account was being worked on because it could break everything, and my profile and post are now all back and fixed, and I updated the mobile site design, added a new button drop down and design/ui ux design, I am still working on it and polishing it and the search bar icon and on pc also, and working on the home page information slides clickable button, and working on a new update to make the social site page online free page about look better, more presentable, and lead you to the page/social service online we offer that you want to go to easier. New huge site updates released during this bug we could not announce, but we were still working on the site all day every day, and new one coming soon/later today/tonight/early tomorrow of ui ux update/pc and mobile ui ux update and design update, and social site update for the ui ux, design, and look and feel/responsiveness and best site experiment, and a new article/blog post and article post on health coming soon, and a new article/blog post coming soon on the small/medium site updates we have been releasing/working on for the past month, and maybe new patch notes/update notes on the what's new page soon for the next big big site update, but we will obviously post here, and announce that, and send more email campaigns about that, and also more email campaigns starting today also etc. So happy to be back to posting, patch notes/update notes soon on the whats new page, and the article/blog on the small/medium site update and/updates we have been having for the past month, and the patch notes that have been due and we have supposed to done for the past months/month but we have updated the site and been so busy on the site and posting updates here, coming soon. Posts here when we release the article/blog patch notes, and or the what's new patch notes/update notes medium/large update notes on the update notes page/what's new page here and in a email campaign, and posts around the social site also etc.

New article on health coming soon/blog, and more articles/blogs coming soon also on health, the site, and all other topics, and new topics we offer and about the site mainly for blogs also! Also posts everyday here are back after the 4 day less glitch on the site, and my account is fully back here, in the forum 1/Twitter like forum main, and some posts almost daily in the other forums/social site services. And a big update soon/tonight design wise, for the social site, information pages, for this forum, and update notes in the articles/blogs. We will announce it in a email campaign, and in a post here and in the 2nd forum. But mostly here in the main forum 1/Twitter like forum 1 main. More account updates/name changes coming soon, and new features for the site/social site soon also, a lot, like a lot, as there has been a lot of small site updates all day every day as we work on the site all day every day and have been on the site even during this glitch. We are back, and we are back to posting especially here and announcing site updates!

New features in this category. New create post button with emojis, and new comment best answer badge. Check comments for example. New test features in this forum category in the forum 1 that will roll out eventually to some of the forum 1 other main category's in the future. Check comments for examples of some features/new features. Also we changed around the link/heart reactions for pot and comments and added a few new emojis! Test them out, react to this post!

I have updated all of the verified, official, testing badge, but that does not apply to anyone for that one specific badge just me, and I have update all badges/verified badges on the site to make the descriptions better, and easier to find out how to get them/where to buy or apply for some and apply for all. The colors were adjusted on some of them to making all of the badges perfect and less buggy. I have also updated all of the forum 1/Twitter like forum main category names pretty much besides the main/all posts general discussion to shorten the name, and make then fit on mobile better and the members profile picture for responsiveness and on pc. Pc and mobile. We have also added two new category's in this forum/Forum 1/Twitter like forum main, one private, one public for testing posts, new features, and new updates. The pictures are new and updated on those also along with a responsive good name for pc and mobile. The rules where customized on those also and pretty much standard same category guidelines rules. I have also added valentines day effects to the site, and fixed all of the bugs I/we where having yesterday with them. Sorry about that. The recommended alike posts/like algorithm system we have for our forum 1/Twitter like forum main this, some of the code will be published and public soon, and just a look at how it works, and it has been improved and works way better now for titles etc. thanks to us, and our site hosting and app also!

Try it now, click a post in forum 1/this forum, and look at the three posts it recommends under the similar posts category's on the side, or mobile where it is better optimized and shows the whole post, views, comments, images etc. at the bottom near comments of the post. That only mobile but the other pc. We have also added / fixed and optimized the search and # feature to find posts, and popular posts in the forum 1/this forum. We are also working on a thing with the recommendation system/like algorithm system for recommended posts while viewing posts on this forum 1 showing all three recommended posts/similar posts being the same. Its not a bug, but we are working on it. Updating... As of 2/23/23 I actually just fixed a few spelling errors on almost less than half of the pages on the site where I said ect, instead of etc. Etcetera. You can also search for key words in this forum, and on the site forums, and on pages it does a scan the code, example in this forum how I corrected all posts saying ect., to say etc. the correct way! Updated 2/23/23 also!

We just wanted to make clear where our website is based, who its targeted towards, where, what country for the time zones/holidays that we go off of and for shipping also, language, English only for now, maybe more as our site is available everywhere in the world, but meant for the U.S, and U.S for buying especially. But if you know English and live in the U.S, or just want to use our site and not buy anything for now, (for now) then you can use the site pretty much anywhere in the world where you can use every other site like google all other browsers, social media sites, etc. That's of course if you know English.

A few bug fixes on the social site/forum 1/Twitter like forum main this. We also fixed a few bugs and image sizes and ui ux and on social general about page. Pc and mobile for all of these. We also changed pretty much all search bars we tried to hover colors. We/me, only me, added a site badge, the birthday badge for most members that have a public account, we will award you the birthday badge. Just added now as of this post. More information go to the all badges apply page even though you can/don't need to apply, and its free. There is more information on no guarantee about the badge also for public accounts only. No private accounts for the birthday badge. Link here. We also created a post explaining that we are based in the U.S, and mostly for users around the U.S area with the language English, even though you can visits our site pretty much everywhere around the word like every other big website out there. We might in the future add language translating and a bigger shipping range, but the more likely one is adding language translating and sticking with U.S shipping. We are open, and are already available to anyone around the world as long as you speak English. This is basically what we explain in the post and kind of an answer why to is also. Link here to the post. This is what we can say update wise, and think of for now.

Just to make it clear, our site is mainly English, and based in the U.S for things like time zones, holidays, shipping, etc.

Click post to see.

Will start posting more again just have been so busy working on the site. Will start posting more in the other forum also, this one more tho.

Click post to see.

Make sure to press following on all category's, and all new category's, and all access category's if you have the badge access to it also.

I have been working on the site all day, but especially since I go out of what I had to do earlier today, and now since the evening for 4 hours I have been working on the verified badge apply page, and info page, updating all of the benefits, adding benefits to having the purchasable badge, and a earned verified badge, the benefits between those badges are mostly the same and each different in their own good way. I always work on the site for most of the day/all day and we have posted all of the patch notes/update notes for everything/most things we have done in the smaller/medium patch notes in our article/blog section. Once again typed out from me. 🤣 Link here.

Now since the evening for 4 hours I have been working on the verified badge apply page, and info page, updating all of the benefits, adding benefits to having the purchasable badge, and a earned verified badge, the benefits between those badges are mostly the same and each different in their own good way. I have also spent so long correct each paragraph and text, and some errors on the verified apply page/info page and info on all of the badges, and where you can purchase the 1 purchasable verified site badge. And all of that page text in general. That took a few hours. Then I made a huge change to the 1 verified purchased subscription badge, and made it monthly after adding all of these benefits to the purchase verified badge, and the earned verified badge, and info on the badges apply page and info page etc. You now pay $8 not including tax a month for the verified purchase badge, or you apply for the verified badges to get similar benefits. I have also updated the policy on that monthly product to, and made it easy and obvious of where to by already having a button in the footer to the subscriptions members/account page link when your signed in to cancel your next bill date etc.. Huge update for that subscription and benefits for the purchase verified badge, all verified badges. Read more on the verified apply/info page and the page that links to the 1 verified badge purchase page.

We have also updated the members profile page size and made it less buggy, and smaller so there is no blank white space at the bottom after the text bubble info of how to request to delete your account etc. Pc and mobile for all of these updates so far, and all of these updates listed in this small/medium site patch/social site patch/update. We will post the link to this post in the articles/blogs also as we said we would start putting our patch notes there also for smaller patch notes, as this is not big enough to go in the what's new page because no one is a subscriber/verified yet that I don't know.

We have also updated the requirements to apply for the apply verified site badges, and info on the official site badge if you want to re apply for it, what to look out for, and if you never got it how to apply for it to. That's all we can say and think of even though we have been updating the site every day, and every hour sometimes but never do we take weeks off or even weekends most times, we would say everything but we always and we updated so much we just can't. See you in the next update/patch notes and if we add anything new that does not deserve its own set of notes then we will add to this and change the dates at the top of when it was updated. Thanks for listening, spread the word of and see you around and see you for the next big/medium/small site patch/update here, or in the whats new page for bigger ones! See you around the social site and forums mostly to! Create an account and join the discussion free.

Will start posting more again just have been so busy working on the site. Will start posting more in the other forum also, this one more.

Click to read post.

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Cash Richard
Mar 22, 2023
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This will be updated as we could not fit have of the updates over the past months/month and since 2023! Updates in the post and emailed to you.