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Our 2nd Post On How To Embed Third Party Social Media Sites Such As Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Etc.

Updated: May 7, 2023

We have a main post on how to stream on our site, but mostly social site online free. A link to that post/blog post mostly under our articles/blogs/writing here. A link to our social site free online forever/accounts here also both.

Starting with how to embed/imbed a Twitter post or stream post etc. something from Twitter on most of our social site services free/forums/forums 1 and 2. First you go to a post, example we will show our twitter account, and next to the post/comment or thread/post with a video/video or live stream etc. click the three dots next to ir and hover over it where it says more and click it. Photos below. Text continues below photos/photo.

Then once you click the three dots/line ... then you press the embed Tweet button on the drop down menu/screen.

Then on the web page it brings you to on Twitter with the embed code with your Tweet preview showing below, click copy code once you review its correct and/the correct tweet/and or threat/video/photos etc. If not reload the page and or start again and make sure you did this to the right/correct tweet. Image below. Then press copy code.

Then on our website posting features once you copied the html iframe code from Twitter/your post/tread etc. you can either use html code imbed on our forum posts/social site free online for ever 100% of the time, or you can use on the forum 2 only the Twitter specific button as seen in the screen shots below. Then past your link/code in both either the html code or Twitter icon embed/imbed feature we have on the social site/forums 1 and 2. For the html do not use a link and/but use the code you got from the Twitter post embed page and post the code there. For our Twitter icon embed feature use the link as that is the only option as we do everything for you/the widget and our site hosting Wix and the app maker etc.

This is the same step for Instagram if you have a link to a post or your profile/a story etc. until it expires then i will be glitched but only on the forum 2/groups.

For the forum 1 main/Twitter like forum 1 main with Instagram, you have to use html code or link to embed/imbed Instagram posts etc. This is why we recommend using our own Instagram like social where you can upload and look at other peoples photos/comment and/our photos, and or use the forum 2 for Instagram embeds/imbeds etc.

For TikTok now, its the same thing for the forum 2 with our own link embed/imbed widget being easier, but if you want to embed it on the forum 1 main, follow the steps/screenshots below. Click on a post on the site or app, and press the share options, and either get the link or for the forum 1 get the embed option as shown in the screenshot below. Steps continue below after you click embed online/pc/computer like devices/iPad online and through the app etc.

Then click embed.

Then press copy code or manually highlight all of it, ALL OF IT I MEAN, but its recommended to just press's the already provided copy button. Then go back to the forum 1 main page on our social site online or app free forever. Once you copy also the embed/imbed window will close.

Then press insert html code on our forum 1 post widget or forum 2 etc. But forum 2 we provided a TikTok embed/imbed link widget to be easier etc. Then select the code version of the html embed widget on our site/post page on our social site, not the link o the html code/html widget or else it most likely wont work and/for other sites/social sites online and other company's also that are safe and legit and/known by people/popular.

Select html code not web address especially for this widget and/the forum 1 glitched and other online sites blocking this way/method and other factors/methods etc. Then copy your TikTok post html code. Then press save. Adjust the size via the code or our widget/html widget sliders. But make sure to edit the code/html code widget size also of the TikTok post/embed/imbed. For TikTok it should automatically be optimized in the form of mobile TikTok scroll down skinny view.

Same steps for Instagram also! Especially easier for the forum 2 as we already have a button link widget, but for the forum 1 just use the html widget and get the html code/iframe widget code! Adjust the size and code etc. Contact us for any issues!

Let us know in the comments below here or contact for a full Instagram embed/imbed tutorial.

Important read this below especially for the forum 1 main/our main social site/site service online free!

You can use our embed/imbed easy features/widgets on our forum 1 main/Twitter like forum, or provide a link to it also etc. if you don't want to have to go through all of the steps for now of getting code, embedding on the forum 1 main/our main social site service etc.

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Cash Richard
Cash Richard
Mar 31, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

!!! Read this especially if you use the social site free online or app, our forums 1 and 2, or 1 main, or our Instagram like socials. All free forever just like pretty much every non buyable thing on the site. Start today and see all of our services showcased on one slide show for the social site here on the social site home page/about page/the social site page.

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