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New Small/Medium Site Update/Patch For The Social Site, Badges Page, And More.

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Now since the evening for 4 hours I have been working on the verified badge apply page, and info page, updating all of the benefits, adding benefits to having the purchasable badge, and a earned verified badge, the benefits between those badges are mostly the same and each different in their own good way. I have also spent so long correct each paragraph and text, and some errors on the verified apply page/info page and info on all of the badges, and where you can purchase the 1 purchasable verified site badge. And all of that page text in general. That took a few hours. Then I made a huge change to the 1 verified purchased subscription badge, and made it monthly after adding all of these benefits to the purchase verified badge, and the earned verified badge, and info on the badges apply page and info page etc. You now pay $8 not including tax a month for the verified purchase badge, or you apply for the verified badges to get similar benefits. I have also updated the policy on that monthly product to, and made it easy and obvious of where to by already having a button in the footer to the subscriptions members/account page link when your signed in to cancel your next bill date etc.. Huge update for that subscription and benefits for the purchase verified badge, all verified badges. Read more on the verified apply/info page and the page that links to the 1 verified badge purchase page.

We have also updated the members profile page size and made it less buggy, and smaller so there is no blank white space at the bottom after the text bubble info of how to request to delete your account etc. Pc and mobile for all of these updates so far, and all of these updates listed in this small/medium site patch/social site patch/update. We will post the link to this post in the articles/blogs also as we said we would start putting our patch notes there also for smaller patch notes, as this is not big enough to go in the what's new page because no one is a subscriber/verified yet that I don't know.

We have also updated the requirements to apply for the apply verified site badges, and info on the official site badge if you want to re apply for it, what to look out for, and if you never got it how to apply for it to. That's all we can say and think of even though we have been updating the site every day, and every hour sometimes but never do we take weeks off or even weekends most times, we would say everything but we always and we updated so much we just can't. See you in the next update/patch notes and if we add anything new that does not deserve its own set of notes then we will add to this and change the dates at the top of when it was updated. Thanks for listening, spread the word of and see you around and see you for the next big/medium/small site patch/update here, or in the whats new page for bigger ones! See you around the social site and forums mostly to! Create an account and join the discussion free.

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