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How You Can Stream/Self Promote On The Social Site/All Services Free On Cash Richard Social™!

Updated: May 7, 2023

How you can stream/imbed/embed you live streams from other social site apps/services/your channel and sites/company's/websites and or apps from third party sources on our site/social site, and stream, and or advertise to get people to go there etc., and websites online on our forums 1 main, and 2, and other social site services/all of them we offer on our online social site free, and more. With limitations, rules, TOS, terms of service, etc. and how to and information.

Read the rules below, scroll down past them to the bottom of this page/paragraph/text when you are done to read how to live stream/imbed/embed, same thing, just incase your confused, and or self promote your live stream, video, or photo/photos/and or photo collection etc. from safe, known, third party sites that we accept, and that most other sites online and sites accept also like us. Rules and limitations/legal and all of our site policy's/especially our TOS, terms of service. You have to follow all of our site policy's, and especially our TOS, terms of service when embedding your live streams in your posts/live streaming and or advertising/self promoting your live streams on our site/social site/social site services/services. One part of our social site service is age limits, you must be at least 13+ in the U.S. and 16+ in other country's, and this limits the sites you can post such as inappropriate content, and or inappropriate live streams even if your livestream is now inappropriate. Use appropriate sites to stream and or advertise your stream, use mostly known sites, stick to our site policy's and especially our TOS, terms of service, and not use any inappropriate content, sites, inappropriate live streams, and only advertise your live stream from the appropriate known site/app and or company, unless the other person you want to self promote gave you permission with proof when we contact you. If you are unsure if a site is safe and or inappropriate please contact us at our two emails, contact page. Do not post anything that goes against our TOS, terms of service, and or post a site, or use a site that is inappropriate even if your livestream is not, as our TOS, terms of service applies to this, and all of our other site policy's and to the whole site/social site and social site services and / online. Make sure to report any bad content and or contact us at the sources we listed above. Some example of sites to use, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube mainly, etc. Imbeds. Not sponsored and or affiliated, just have compatibility options in our social site services. Legal.

How you can stream on the forums, forum 1 main/Twitter like forum 1 main/main social media service we offer, and main service we offer in general etc.

For the forum 1/Twitter like forum 1 main, here is a screen shot example after you read the rules/policy's and all of our site policy's, and policy above. When creating a posts you can use html, or html code embed with link, chose your size of the website/post imbed within our max and minimum size limits, you will know, and paste your link as long as its valid, and or https://. This will work for any site/streaming service as the last resort you can imbed the site online with your stream link URL, or if you don't want it streamed live just leave a link to your channel as a button in the forum 2, or as a link in bold in the forum 1 or however you want to do it etc.! You can also manually add a code snippet to just display the link of your stream/and or the site your streaming on/your channel. This does not imbed like HTML does though just a note. We recommend using basic html, and or html code, and the methods below. On some websites, you will need to press the share button to get a custom different share URL for our HTML widget, and sometimes/most of the time, you can get the HTML of a specific channel on a streaming website/video website etc. to use on our posting widgets, for sites that block the use of the basic channel URLS, or any errors ETC. Screen shot example below of YouTube, and Twitch both video and streaming services. Not sponsored or affiliated in any way.

On some websites, you will need to press the share button to get a custom different share URL for our HTML widget, and sometimes/most of the time, you can get the HTML of a specific channel on a streaming website/video website etc. to use on our posting widgets, for sites that block the use of the basic channel URLS, or any errors ETC. Screen shot example below of YouTube, and Twitch both video and streaming services. Not sponsored or affiliated in any way.

Example 1: of YouTube getting link/and or html of video and or livestream. Step by step with highlighted screen shots as the images go on for each example/and or step of YouTube, and whatever service it is in both of our examples/screenshots below.

Make sure it is and/always says I frame for the HTML if you choose to do that, and or if the site blocks that you are trying to use HTML link on our widgets. This goes for every social media site online that you try to use on our social site! We don't block though if you ever want to imbed on another site! Don't worry. Copy and paste the whole thing by hovering over your mouse or finger or whatever device your on the HTML/I frame code, and or press the copy button in the bottom as its usually there on most sites like YouTube etc. For YouTube choose your start time etc. That's only pretty much their feature. Don't worry about this unless your dedicated to YouTube and or mostly/only YouTube and know a lot and know what you want out of the video and or pre recorded live stream, as you can do this in a live stream. Only in a VOD/view on demand/after it was alive. Once you do this then you follow the steps of choosing the video upload/embed/imbed, and or choose if you want to use the link HTML, or I frame/code HTML, which works better in most cases, and resize is to what the code says in the copy and pasted I frame for height and width size for the site/stream from the third party site you are using.

Example 2: Twich.tv Twitch is more difficult and here is why, you have to mostly use the HTML I frame code, and you have to manually select the I frame code as the first HTML/code they show you will not work. Screen shot example on steps below on how to get HTML I frame code, on that's the only method we think will work from what we have seen, and recommend. Not links on our site/forum 1 and 2/social site service widgets as they block if and for other sites. We recommend using the HTML/I frame code for every stream you imbed/embed on our social site/services all of them as most of them do this also.

For more simplified instructions, scroll down for what you must do or it wont work, and a more simplified version so you can look at the text sentences/bullet points, and these great amazing helpful images below we made and got/customized with paint online and drawings etc.

Copy the I frame, then put that into the HTML code. Do not use the link especially for Twitch, but we recommend not using the link for the widgets on our site for pretty much all/any social media service/video and or/streaming service online on our site as they block it for most sites unless you imbed/embed it like this. If you want to imbed/embed chat also at the top of the screen shot in red, you can see we circled the word/clickable linked button chat, click that after your done with this/the first part, and or unless you did not want this/the first part and only the chat vise versa. Once you click it more screen shots below for instructions. Once again this is for Twitch.tv

You pretty much don't have to do anything as the chat is already I frame and you will just have to change and or match the size of your HTML to the HTML slide post/HTML widget size to the code or else you could see errors, or an imbed/embed error from Twitch and it just not working etc. Also you need to be sure to fill in the placeholder with the site you want to embed Twitch on, and if you are confused while on the Twitch window, and it is not working, you can press the API References button to go the the Twitch code/imbedding help center page, and or link here. https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/embed/

This would be the one reason why we don't recommend imbedding/and or using the chat widget, because it could result in confusion and or error, and contacting us and or Twitch support, when Twitch support would be a better option for this one specific problem. We are not experts in this one specific Twitch chat field.

You must read these instructions below simplified, and what to do or it will not work/a more simplified version. Thanks to chatgpt or and/Open ai for generating and helping me for the text below.

  1. Log in to your Twitch account and navigate to the channel you want to embed.

  2. Click the share icon located at the bottom of the video player.

  3. Click the "Embed" option.

  4. Customize the embedded player by choosing the dimensions and other settings you prefer.

  5. Copy the embed code provided.

  6. Paste the embed code into your website's HTML code where you want the stream to appear.

  7. Test the stream on different devices and web browsers to make sure it's working properly.

  8. Keep an eye on your website's performance to make sure the embedded stream isn't causing any problems.

  9. To customize the width and height of the embedded player, simply change the "width" and "height" attributes of the iframe tag to your desired dimensions. For example: <iframe src="https://player.twitch.tv/?channel=yourchannel&parent=yourdomain.com" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>

  10. To customize the appearance of the player, you can use CSS to target the elements within the iframe. You can add custom CSS by adding a style attribute to the iframe tag, like this: <iframe src="https://player.twitch.tv/?channel=yourchannel&parent=yourdomain.com" style="border: 0; width: 800px; height: 600px;" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>

  11. Twitch provides a number of customization options for the embedded player, including different layouts, themes, and player controls. You can explore these options in the Twitch Developer Documentation.

  12. Keep in mind that some customizations may not be supported by all browsers or devices, so it's a good idea to test your embedded player on different platforms to ensure it works as expected.

We might not be able to help with issues like this but its always worth a shot to reach out to us, and or to reach out to the site your trying to imbed on to our site/the third party social media site. Those where the two examples very important. If you skipped you will most likely have issues, anyone reading spread the word about this and or anyone having errors before you contact at our live chat help center/two email contact form page, & more at cashrichard.com/contact in the comments below, with a rating, a more etc. Just a side not/pretty important, your height and width cannot be different from your actually HTML widget box/the post widget. Example screen shot below/here.

Method 2. Look at screen shots below also, examples for method 1 and 2 for forum 1 main, and forum 2. You can only use the social media icons to imbed on the forum 2 which is explained in method 3 below this paragraph/text and images, but you can use the video upload icon, to imbed any video/live stream on a site on the forum 1 main and 2. Examples here for forum 1 and 2 for method 2. Side not of course you can also instead of imbedding from a site and or instead of live streaming just imbed large sized and high quality video files or links form your pc and or online and images, that goes for images also! Even though it might say for the video upload/icon imbed only a few services/social media sites online you can imbed like YouTube, You can do more and pretty much everything. Reach out if you are still having issues on our two emails contact page, contact form page, and or live chat contact page during the hours. cashrichard.com/contact cashrichard.com/ourhours

How you can stream on our other social site services, and which ones/if you can/alternatives to advertise/self promote your streams/videos or images on other third party known social media sites/apps online.

You cannot imbed/embed your stream on any of our other social site services free online for now, but you can advertise with a link, image, upload videos with huge file sizes and high quality unlimited, high image quality and almost unlimited videos/video time and quality, and images same goes for images also! Self promoting your links on your other social media sites/video and or stream and or image also whatever it is, just live stream in the general category. Example if you created a shared image gallery post/Instagram like social, you could leave a picture of your channel you are streaming on/service and or site or app online, then a link in the title and or description which is more recommended, make it build, highlight it in blue, or just make the text color blue, and link the text while it being underlined to your stream or whatever it is. This would be the best for the shared image gallery, and this is what we already do for the site image galley where only I/Cash Richard thee can upload/admins. But that's why we have the shared image galley so you can upload there. Our site image galley where only admins/the owner of the site me/Cash Richard thee can upload, is the only 1 service we offer where you can upload, but you can leave comments, like, interact, look at images/videos, download them, read the description and click any links, etc. Personal life things, and site things, behind the scenes almost. More personal to me/the site and Cash Richard thee.

What you could also do is upload a video instead of an image to the shared image gallery/Instagram like social, the other image gallery where you can upload/anyone who has an account and or is singed in, but you can still view even if you are singed out, it is just to interact, you could upload a video file that is decently big as long as it does not get an error message when uploading the post/video file for your post of it//because its to big, and that video could be a past live stream you have downloaded if its short and or small enough, or just a clip from it or even just a simple decently long/kind of short video, then you leave links, and state where to watch more and or this on your channel with a link in the title or description which is more recommended, and link it from the third party site from where ever the video is, or if its just a video you wanted to share leave a title and description and post, or post with the self promotion and link of your other channels on the other third party social media sites online. You don't even have to do this, you can just simply upload images or videos and give it a title if it was something cool, or you made etc. and just meant for the site, and you could advertise your site public account if it is, make sure it is, but it already does when you post. Post ideas, and do not self promote or put your streams/videos about your streams or content from third party sites to much or it could result in a suspension/ban or other consequences etc. Post what you want even if its not self promoting and it follows all of our site policies, and new ones added n the future for ever, but mainly our TOS, terms of service. cashrichard.com/tos We want to see your videos, photos, and more, way more than just promoting those items, or photos just to link people to your third party other social media accounts/sites on other sites/and or apps. Use our social site/services to post, and to self promote, but mainly for the first thing. This guide was just for a new feature/second option.

This also mostly goes for the file-share/fileshare except you have to chose what folder to upload in, and you have to open in web browser, and or download to see, and leave ink in file title. File share you can upload anything with files, and anything on your device, as long as it is appropriate and/follows all of our site polices, etc. You cannot link anything besides upload items/files, besides when naming files, or the item you are uploading, that is the only space in the file share/fileshare where you can and/could add a link and customize the files to self promote. This is why we recommend only using the file share for genuine files or VOD/view on demand, after your stream was live, and just genuine videos, and or mostly videos and videos to do with the site instead of self promoting as its the worst service we have to do so for third party streams/videos/images etc.

We are sorry this had to be so long, but we just wanted to make sure to get the best support and we recommend reading everything, or at least everything in the specific category you where looking to read this for. Spread the word, and tell other people who where having errors to do so also, and or try to help them by messaging them especially with the new members chat update we added to make it easier, and more user friendly to create group chats, and message other public accounts/members on the site/people! Of course and/otherwise if you have any issues we did not answer in this, and or you want a summary for a specific issue because you don't want to read, we can do this sometimes, but mostly if you still are having issues, read all of this, did all of the steps, then you can always for anything contact us on our live chat widget in the bottom right of pc/computer like big screen devices, and or go to our contact form page with out two emails. More info there. cashrichard.com/contact

Thanks - Cash! Sorry for it being so long. Working on this for future posts/articles/blogs etc. and everything on the social site/services free, and site online free. Besides the shop most products. 😂

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