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How To Sign Up And In To Cash Richard Social™, Media, Online And Our App. More!

Updated: May 21, 2023

To sign in and up for free 100% and forever click this link. All devices for online, but not for app. We will get to app in a second!

Once on that page you can customize your info, and its recommended to make your profile public to post, get followers etc. But read all of our police's etc. such as our TOS, terms of service for example.

To sign in click that same link and use them same information/email and password and or phone maybe and rarely you used to sign up to sign back in! For any issues reset your password, verify your information / email and password and make sure its the correct/right one. If you are still having issues, click this link to go to our lost access to account page or,

To sign in to the app once you have created a web account, you should not create an account through the app/our site hosting app and our space/server on it, you should create it on OUR, our site online, then go log in to our site hosting, Wix with your current info and it will work, and create a seperate profile for the app while sub linking your online profile etc. We recommend using the online site the most/more even on mobile as its better than the app due to countless hours from me/Cash Richard etc.!

To sign in go to the same link above and what we explained for the app above, and for any issues links above also! Make sure to check out the social site and happy posting/enjoy your profile, we recommend you make it public to follow people, get followers, and anyone you hate you can block them etc. on their profile page.

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