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How To Post On The Site/Social Media Site/and App. Basic Tutorial Because It's That Easy!

Updated: May 21, 2023

To post/po$t™ on the social services on our site/app! First make sure you are signed in/or up via web, or app, web recommended/better, and for customization, especially pc web version/computer etc. Then go to the app and sign in, or keep using the web even on mobile online/web version, as its more recommended/better, especially for our/my thee Cash Richard's amazingly optimized site, but also app! Then go to the social media services page, free online, then select the service you want to post/po$t™ on once your profile is public, and you reviewed all of our policy's, and are the appropriate/allowed age etc. Then once you selected the service, example our main social media service/main service in general, the forum main. you can press create a po$t™. There you go! Read our other posts/articles/blogs for more help!

Also contact us here for more help in our help center with our two emails, and/email form. Select which category you want to po$t™ it in, whether drafts, or the main, or more if your have our subscription etc.! And pretty much the same concept on our other social media services. Screen shot below to represent the forum main/my description above. You can also use the little bubble + icon in the bottom right of the SITE ONLY/main, on all pages/devices on the online site main, to create a po$t™ in the forum main instantly/get linked to the create a po$t™/post page etc. So for the main social media service/service in general/forum main, you can create a po$t™/get linked to create one from any page, and go to the forum main in general from that new little bubble, that took forever to code from bugs, Read more recent forum main po$t$™ on that. Recent as in 5/21/23. But also just the button on the social media service page/pages that they will have, but mostly the forum main, with the proper display, and our po$t™ trademark etc., with emojis, and so much more fun stuff/art even not from us, and hopefully from you in the future to, that we can use!

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