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Help With Uploading A Profile Photo/And Or Background/Both On Your Profile Online/And On The App!

  1. Make sure you’re on, or the Cash Richard app for iOS or Android. ios and online site mostly. To upload a profile photo you must be on the web or using an official application.

  2. Check your file type. Cash Richard/Cash and Cash Richard social/and all other sub names/logos and services etc., supports JPEG, GIF, and PNG, and a few other file formats. Profile photos with nudity will be removed and you could be banned and more.

  3. Check the size of your image. Maximum file size for profile photos is 5MB and for the background 15+/a little more than 15mb and the 5mb round image pfp/profile picture size as its bigger/a background/your profile background on the online site mainly etc.

  4. Check the dimensions. Recommended dimensions for profile images are 200x200 and sometimes 400x400 it depends on the device etc. Mostly full size for pc but as it crops because tis round 200x200 is a general rule for the best looking and fitting/size for a pfp/profile picture on our site/app and mobile online site and mobile app/and pc online site/main for us/our services and where to visit us on etc. pixels. Recommended dimensions for header images/your profile background etc. not your pfp/profile picture etc., are 2000x1333 pixels.

  5. Check your browser. Try either upgrading your browser so it is up to date, or try using a different browser. Your upload problem may be related to the browser or computer you're using. Our browser site/online site not app is our main site/services version, and is better than the app. Not the app. We know it might be confusing but scroll down to the bottom page of mobile and we explain on the bottom page of the home page/1st page and say our online site especially for pc and mobile is way better than any app and is the best etc.! Our app is just a little faster for some things and loading some times but is more limited and NOT BETTER. NOT. NOT. (: 🤣

  6. Make sure you click 'Apply.' Your image won't save until you do.

  7. Round images for our pfps/pfp's/profile pictures on the site and/app and mobile online site also/mainly. Our image pfp/profile picture online and on mobile online site/and, AND, the app is round for now. If you would prefer square image sizes we would think about it if you submit feedback on our two feedback pages but most likely keep it round like the way we have it now because square images crop/fit to be round so make sure your image is round friendly. 🤣 This goes for all of our platform versions etc.

Are parts of your header image/profile background etc. being cropped? If you are using a header image with the recommended dimensions and notice that parts of it are being cropped, it is most likely because of the way these images are displayed on different monitor sizes and in different browsers, also on the mobile site as on the mobile online site it is a little smaller than the dimensions we provided so it will not fit as well as an image that fits perfectly on pc and or mobile/our app but mostly mobile online site/the online site and or pc online site/the main site/services from us. Not the app etc. (60 pixels on the top and bottom could be cropped and potentially a little more). Remember the general dimensions for the profile image background/profile header/head and not pfp/profile picture and and yours is, 2000x1333. And remember the profile picture round size is around

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