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Big Site/App Update, But Mostly Site Update, Full Patch/Update Notes Here, And So Much More Soon!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

I would just like to state that there was so many more updates then i announced here, small things, but things that make the site and/app work and our services/and social media site/and app services work and account/profile whether public or private etc. If I where to announce everything I really updated within the past few weeks it would be hours and hours long post that it would take me as long as it took me to do the changes to write it. This is due to my countless hours of working on the site pretty much all day every day of the weeks/every day and week etc. Hope you like the updates, there will still be some bugs, and big announcement soon, as we still are fixing some outages. Announcement soon and announcing

1 members area/account page whether public or private on the online site on app devices. I added a verified badges page for all members/accounts when you sign in, you will see it, with a little make shift tick or check mark. It lets you know how to get verified, lets you manage your verified purchased subscription/pink subscriptionTM if you bought it, and encourages you to buy the badge and or mostly apply for the badges and mostly verified badges on the site/app and social media site/app services all free and 100% free forever etc. You can also only manage your subscription if you bought it from that page, but also the subscriptions members/account page you all ready have if you bought something already/the pinkTM subscriptionTM only. We mostly want people to apply for badges first then buy the subscription, or just apply for the badges/verification badges multiple, no limit really as long as you meet the requirements and it fits you/your needs, and also to get you to apply for multiple badges, and then get the subscription, or get the subscription first, then apply to learn the ropes, and see how it feels, and or to have the legit verified badges and or site badges, and the purchased ones/the pink subscriptionTM for benefits also along with your other badges and the one you get when you sign up and your a real account and more etc. Once signed in our up ON THE WEB, mobile app does not have this specific page, just the managing subscription, and cancelling and our/buying with info etc. and a redirect to web, click this link for the new members/accounts whether public or private page etc. that we just explained above. Pc and mobile site online of course, and some what mobile devices app/app. Well optimized on both, and both the same due to my countless hours, and working on the site all day every day etc.

2 Updating the text layout, fonts, colors. page sizes, pop up/light boxes and email pop ups/videos etc. on the site/clickable pop ups to be more responsive, optimized, and lots of pages on the site and app to match out main theme and color. We also fixed the layout on the mobile online site and pc site on so many pages to, especially the home pages and with the lightboxes also and on pc. Pc and mobile. So much more. And with the app also, but mostly with the online site.

3 Home page updates. I updated the home page layout, change the default tabs/content switchable responsive tabs to the default about tab/how to use them etc. This is to reduce initial tabs and home page scroll size and what's being displayed in the switchable tabs/content tabs on the home page. Pc and mobile/mobile like devices just to be clear. We also updated the home page image. Changed the notes/text in the OTHER WEBSITE ANNOUNCMENTS, AND YOUR CHANCE TO GIVE US FEEDBACK, AND YOUR OPINION, AND MORE. Added more text and links, and will add the link to this post now/soon when I publish this post/when I am done etc. I also fixed the articles/blog 4 post preview layout on the home page to make it more responsive mostly on the pc online site but also mobile. I also have added many new products/around 6+ new products. Go check out the store and home page. Pc and mobile for updates. Links here.

4 Changed the text and shortened it in the header and tabs/page clickable tabs, and added a check for the verified page, and pink subscriptionTM/verified purchase subscriptionTM Pc and mobile.

5 I have added many articles/blog category's also, and added lots of posts to the privacy/security and q & a help center.

We and I recommend you go read these as they have updated tutorials for the social media site/app and account/profile settings weather public or private etc. and keeping you safe etc./privacy and/security help center etc.

6 I have updated all of the verified pages, and verified purchased widgets/pink subscription widgets that are layout out across many pages on the site. One example:

7 I have added many pages to the TV LIVE WEATHER NEWS page drop down, live radar from a website with credit and/source online because I can embed my professional radar online and app there as its not free and not web-able, don't even know if that's a word, lol, 🤣 and my 2nd one with out an account and I cant share it and or sign in on the html and/widget etc. And under the live radar for the whole U.S on that page on our TV live weather news drop down, there is a video for our latest weather forecast the next time we make one as long as we/or I, I guess lol, don't forget. Also released a schedule page for our TV LIVE WEATHER NEWS, but have not added a schedule yet to it, its just ready for when we do! Drop down page on the TV LIVE WEATHER NEWS. drop down etc. and all of these. The weather radar page and our latest forecast the next time we do one for the whole U.S and or local to me/Illinois link to that page here.

8 Changed the members pages around the site and/account and profile weather public or private pages, and also around the social media site/and app, also the size of how your profile picture appears to be bigger mostly on the online site/pc also, but also mobile online site to and just the online site. We have also fixed and perfected every badge/verified badge on the site/app and social media site and services, and we also made the Cash Richard pink subscriptionTM/and verified purchased subscriptionTM priority and benefits mostly take effect. Still rolling it out and working on features, tweaking them, mostly adding them, removing some also, and more for the good. Updates around the social media services and posts here mostly also. Forum 1 main mostly.

9 Bug fixes, around the site/and app also. Mostly around the site with page layout and or responsibility to the most full ness that we can and/have, which is mostly fully responsive, and fully responsive on the mobile online site and/app on mobile like devices, and on the pc site version mostly responsive also, even when shrinking your page tab etc. General bug fixes, layout fixes, and making the site theme the same and app them, also cleaning up un-necessary items and text and making page optimization/user ui ux, and page responsiveness top quality.

10 Coming soon. The big 2nd announcement for the site/app and the social media site and/app services and members accounts/profiles weather public and or private etc. It will be on this site, but for now its on a different site while we work on outages and the announcement, and the services to perfect/re release, hint, and outages, then the domain will be redirected to this site once its released and fully ready/beta social media site service we have. Soon.

Big new social media service we have coming soon, and we have it attached to a fun temp site for now while we work on re releasing and perfecting outages and/glitches n this service and working on re releasing it for beta. Soon that domain will be connected.

If I missed anything i will go back and edit because I definitely did, not most likely, but definitely did, there was just so much and to much to report on. So many more updates like usually all day every day and/every day on the site and/app and some times announced and usually and big ones like this announces ones they are rolled out and done. Small daily updates announces once publishes, and small small small ones sometimes not announces like many of the updates in this we did not mention. I and we, but mostly I hope you enjoy everything on the site and app, but mostly the site, and especially the social media site/app services etc. - Cash Richard Last updated for remembered important and/main site updates 4/26/23 New changes added the day after the post/next morning! The original post before updates and addons was posted on 4/25/23

11 New mobile update/app update patch extra also this morning to. Read more forum our forum 1 main/main site and social media site and/app service here. Post link here. Big changes, patches. and more for the app. Great changes till to come even today. Read more!

12 I also added some fun emojis to the account/your profile and members section weather public or private, but mostly online as that's the main site/services version we offer, as our app is not as good, more limited, and more for on the go etc. This was to display some of the text in the about you section, and just about the editing your profile/account on those pages/some of them etc. And mostly about you and the about you section. I also added a little pin point emoji and a new section to the public location but not address/city and or state/country and city there etc. New field you can chose to fill out and or make public or private. This is not the address field, however for checkout and your main address field for information for us on your account just information. This is separate to relate and interact with other people as you view there profile etc. It does now show information about the location just where you type so be appropriate and read our site policy's and age requirements and DONT PUT YOUR ADDRESS JUST CITY AND STATE OR COUNTRY ALSO ETC. Not town for anything to to to specific like street etc. That's for shipping info and your account info which you can choose to make public, but we would ban you so don't and for your own privacy and for someone else even if you made up an address because it could be a real address etc. Enjoy the new field, and pinpoint filed, have been wanting to do this for a while, and I figured it out! And with a cool fun little emoji. Go customize your profile public or make it if its not again as we are always adding no things and choose to make this field public and or private or choose to fill it out and if not just don't and make it private so it just does not show as empty etc.

13 Forum 2/groups updates. 4/27/23. Read our post from a few weeks ago of a separate big update that was somewhat apart of this also 2nd big update/patch also for this to. Read our post about the forum 2 updates here.

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