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Best Holiday Drinks, Sodas, And More Drinks To Mix For Holiday Drinks. And More Holiday Drinks.

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

The holiday season is for indulging in your cravings, whether it's for soda, snacks, or other. If you are looking for some good holiday drinks, some sweet, others less so; this is the post for you. The season is starting, fall is technically not ending that soon, but the cold has started for a lot of us, so nothing like getting in the holiday feel! Last thing, we are back to articles/blogs, so subscribe for the newsletter for free, and buy something to support us, or read and like, and comment on the posts. Many more soon, consistently. Starting with a list of sodas, unhealthy and drinks, then after, healthy drinks, and sodas. And more. Read on. 1 Sprite cranberry. It's tasty, it's festive, and if you like sprite, or cranberry, its perfect, especially with the extra fizz because its carbonated. Its kind of rare, but less rare around the December to February dates every year, due to its popularity. You can find a store near you, and where to buy it here or at the link. Try it!

2 Starbucks pumpkin cream cold brew before it leaves for the Christmas menu, and the hot chocolate with whipped cream! While the hot chocolate at Starbucks is not rare, and is year round, the Pumpkin cream cold brew, is my favorite, creamy, cold brew coffee, with hints of pumpkin, sweet, and strong. Its perfect. And we all know about hot chocolate! Get them before they leave. Check them out on the Starbucks website, and see where a location is near you here, and at this link. Try it!

3 Canada dry, raspberry lemonade. Although it's not considered a holiday drink, it taste so good, and feels and reminds you of the holidays, especially when you mix in in drinks, or when you mix it in a drink to make a holiday drink. This and cranberry juice with lime, I have been having, like a mocktail, it taste so good. I don't think it's rare, and I think its year round. If you want to see where you can buy it on there site click here, or this link. As with most of the sodas so far, with both, you can buy them in 12, or 24 packs, different sizes, and even bigger packs some times. See details on the links on the different drink items.

4 Squirt. The drink company has many flavors, and had a holiday flavors, and they still might, just not everywhere or widely avalible, but there original flavor is perfect for the holidays, the taste, the fizz, and how it reminds you of the holidays, and also how perfectly it mixes in other drinks like Canada dry. I love drinking this alone with no other drinks, but also I love mixing it with other dinks due to how perfectly it mixes to make a holiday drink, or mixes in holiday drinks to add a sweat, really sugary, really fizzy, white bubbly taste. Almost like a white super salty with no salt. It's a flat but carbonated drink. With different types and flavors. Hard to explain. Most common in bottles and packs. Year round most flavors, and the original yellow flavor, and mostly not rare depending on where you are. Try it! Check out Squirts website to see where you can buy it here, or at this link. Try it!

5 Coca-Cola Dreamworld limited edition. Well maybe. The flavor might not stay forever, but with it rolling out to most places, and states, and more, it seems it wont be going any where anytime soon. But still, don't take the risk, and try the flavor. I first tried it at Disney world this summer in Florida, thinking it was rare because of there marketing, and I have never seen it, and I was at the Coke store, and it taste sweet, like lots of sweet candy's, then a normal strong really fizzy coke flavor as the after taste wears out making it really good. While once again its technically not a holiday flavor, it basically is by the taste, and because you can mix it with other coke products and drinks. Really good, but sweet. I do prefer diet Coke. See where you can get it here, and at this link. Try it!

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Cash Richard
Cash Richard
Dec 21, 2022

Just a warning, none of these are going to really be healthy, this was a different style article.

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