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Are Healthy, Snacks And Drinks, Really That Healthy? Also, Some Alternatives, And Some Advice!

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

We have all been there, while we were at the drink or snack isle, looking for something good to munch on, and something good to wash it down with. Whether you are shopping online, already bought your snack/ drink items, for a lot of us we have this conscious thought of, can I find something healthier? Or should I check the back? The reason you might not check the back is because you know how bad ingredients health wise are. So, you pass over the thought and continue your day, and do not pick out the "healthier" option. But if you did pick out the so called "healthier" option, that is just a better option than the already not great chip, snack, or drink you wanted in the first place, you can make yourself think it is healthy because it will say things like, diet, or "better ingredients." Companies do this to make you buy their product when you are having the so called "conscious thought of, is this unhealthy? Could I go with anything healthier though?" This for people who had the "I want to choose something healthier though, but not really healthy thought."

Companies, for example, could include something healthy, like extra vitamins, or less fat, but horrible other ingredients, but only include the good ingredients to make you buy it, and make you think it is healthy. One example is Diet Coke, 0 calories, 0 sugar, but the fake sugar, and other ingredients, are not good for you, and can lead to other things in large consumption. More here. One food example is Low fat beef sticks, 90 calories, grass feed cows, but high salt, and other horrible ingredients they do not list on the large packaging, and advertising. More here. Companies that will try to market semi healthy, but appetizing eating, will only market the healthy benefits on the packaging, while hiding that they are not that great, and if you want to be healthy you will have to do some searching, and will not be able to have a big beef stick, or many Diet Cokes. The fact that you are here, and the fact that you are willing to make changes, by doing your research on snack and drink examples in our everyday life that you see, is great. You are taking steps in the right direction to find healthy better snacks! More alternatives to snacks, and drinks 2 below.

Some ways you can slowly adjust into healthier snacks, is buy some of our recommendations we give you, and some of the articles we give you to read, and look for types of food you like, and do research, to see if you can find a healthy snack or drink version of the item you like. Chances are high. We will provide you with some sources to find some alternatives for snacks/ drinks, and we will also give you some of our own recommendations below. Remember, making changes to your diet is hard, and might even feel impossible at some points. The best advice is to slowly ease into food changes, like caffeine, do not just quit the things you like. Slowly make changes, and ease into the healthier, foods/ drinks. If you do not feel you can make your diet choices on your own, there are alternatives, such as dietitian, therapist, meal courses, meal prep, and others. More here. This is mostly for food/ drinks. Most will find food, is the hardest to change, unless it is things like soda, or alcohol. Which would be a different story for alcohol.

Some alternatives, and some sources to help you find better snacks and drinks. To be clear, you might not be the happiest person ever, and the snacks and drinks are not going to be as good as your Coca Cola, and your Cheetos. Not sponsored. It takes adjusting, and time to like foods, and to adjust to a healthier lifestyle. In fact, once you start to change your diet, you might not even like the unhealthy foods you liked before the same. Everything takes time! More on how to adjust to a healthier diet here. Starting with my recommendations, then after, some sites to give you healthy alternatives. 1 Drink, Liquid Death, it is bubble water, flavored, with only 2 grams of sugar, 20 calories per can, and has 3 flavors! They are also just water in a can, to eliminate plastic, and to hydrate you. Personally, when I dropped caffeine, and all horrible sodas, it was so hard, but Liquid Death made it easier. Their website here. 2 Snack, Lesser Evil, Himalayan Organic Popcorn, low salt, fat, calories, and more! Popcorn in general can be a great snack to have when trying to be healthy, but then you put things like butter, salt, and more, that just makes it very unhealthy. This popcorn tastes good, it tastes like good, seasoned popcorn, and you cannot even tell its healthy. Or that is what we call it. Lesser Evil site here. 3 Drink, kombucha health Ade, low on calories, decent amount of sugar, not crazy low, but not crazy high, good for your gut, potentially helps Bowell movements, a more! I personally have been drinking this drink, even before I started trying, "trying" to make healthy choices, it tastes good, happy gut, and there are many flavors, and it even has health benefits. While I do not think it is for everyone, try it! Their website here. 4 Snack, Annie's cheddar bunnies, low fat, low salt, low calories, tasty, and cute. I personally have loved these my whole life, and that just goes to show that this healthy snack is good even when you are not trying to be healthy. It is a great snack, so flavorful, and I have been eating it for years now! Try it! Their website here. 5 Drink coffee, but in moderation, due to caffeine, and other things. You can read our article about caffeine, caffeine withdraw, and coffee here. Coffee has the benefits of short-term energy, helping bowel movements, and tastes so good especially if you add a little milk or sugar. But not too much, or else it becomes unhealthy. It depends on the person, if you are too young, you should not be drinking too much coffee, but if you are responsible, and older, coffee is a great drink that can be healthy, if you do not go crazy with the toppings! If you like the taste, and you are a kid, there are options, like low caffeine coffee called decaf, that tastes the same! More on coffee, and coffee health benefits here. Now moving on to some websites you can find alternatives to drinks/ snacks. Here are 2 great websites, 1 Drinks here. 2 Snacks here. A bonus, related to snacks/ drinks and sodas, here are two more great alternatives to all types of snacks, not just chips, and some great alternatives to drinks, not just sodas if you want to expand your health more from the sites we link below. 1 Snacks, here. 2 Drinks here.

I hope this can help you, I personally, Cash Richard, am having these struggles, and know how hard it is. If you need help talk to someone you know, or experts online. There is so many resources online, it just takes a google search. A lot of people think people who struggle with food issues are just exaggerating, because they do not know the struggles. If you know anyone that is doing this to you, talk to someone else you know, and first try to talk to them about what we just talked about, and tell them how much of a Struggle it really is, and if they cannot listen to you why should you listen to them? My point is, do not worry, you are not alone. You can also talk to me to, as I am still having these struggles to @, or! Thanks for reading. See you in the next article/ blog soon!

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