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About Our Account/Profile Badges, And The Different Color/Ones, And How You Can Get Them/Apply Etc.

Updated: May 21, 2023

We have a whole badge on all badges you can apply, buy, and more. There are so many, and even hidden ones we don't list, such as/example, the birthday badge etc.! You automatically get a badge called official account badge when signing up if your legit, and not copying someone else username/that's actually your real name/no impersonation, not a bot, or troll/spam, and more various factors on the badges badge. If you don't meet these requirements, you loose that badge and can, especially if you get reported a lot, you will be reviewed by one of our mods/me for now/thee Cash Richard, and further action taken from there as in badge kept, taken away, or even further actions etc. This is one of our systems to help identify accounts that are spam, or impersonators, because they wont have that badge. This is also why we need your help to catch those people out. You can also most of the time re apply for that badge after time, and cleaning up your acts/account acts/profile, and public or private members account/area etc. More here. cashrichard.com/badges

We recommended going to that badges all about page, all depth about all you can apply for and buy, and more, to find out about all verified badges you can apply for/earn, which there is a lot, and the two plans you can buy tow before or after you earned your badge/badges, to meet your requirements, benefits, if your a business, etc. Apply for the badges that's right for you and or/buy! Or both! Read more and everything as we changed our requirements today to make them easier, but fair, here. cashrichard.com/badges We have one of the best badge systems a website/app/social media service company can have. Its not pay to win, even though we do offer payed plans, but we display you payed for it and authenticity and different based off of the badges/status and benefits. When you purchase a badge from our main purchasable badge plan with benefits, it displays you clearly purchased it and not earned it but with benefits then a link to this page here etc. cashrichard.com/badges The other plan being the business badge one time purchase, making business pay a one time fee for them to basically advertise with that badge, that stays forever with that one time big purchase, but it displays as the business badge, and anyone can buy it, after there profile gets reviewed and accepted they get it after purchase. Same for the verified purchased pink plan badge™/the main purchasable badge I was just talking about above. You still need to be approved after buying it, especially for the business badge as its basically an apply badge, but then a one time purchase for business to play there part, and basically advertises for specific benefits to them, but not all pink benefits™ for that plan. This is what makes our system organized, one of the best if not the best, and recognizable from how you earned the badge no matter how it looks or/and now matter how many badges you have etc.!

Then of course the apply badges, being on of the most dedicated to, besides the b business badge because of the money and advertising with us/showing your choosing us, and care about us to advertise your self, trust us, and are willing to spend the money for dedication on us, and for your business/organization/legacy etc. What ever it may be along those lines. Legacy/apply earned badges come first though! And you can have this badge, then the pink purchased badge, for the earned verified pink or yellow badge, mostly pink, then benefits along side that and have two badges, and same thing for the business badge and other way around, and everything like this, and so much more etc.! cashrichard.com/badges

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