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Meet Our Team, along with all of our Collab, partners & more. Hover over images for info on the images of people for the effects and/text etc.


Cash Richard -
owner, CEO, and creator, and still currently of the site mostly and/app, etc.!


Erica Richard -
site manager

Alex Zutovsky


Vice president of user experience, and a good member/friend! Alex Zutovsky.

Our team behind the scenes such as our site hosting team support, some third party app developers, small legal team online, and so much more behind the scenes and ai's also help me and us on the Cash Richard team run, even though the team is small now, it does not do anything to effect use because look at everything Cash Richard thee and the site/app has achieved and/the team and/built etc. Size is not everything, and if we where to put everyone here behind the scenes it would be a lot, and we don't even know everyone personally or what they look like fully behind the scenes that support us also with code / support and our site hosting support etc. Although Cash Richard thee/the person above (: haha, built this pretty much by himself/myself I still needed support from sometimes third party support, suggestions, developer support/site hosting support, and my manager support for content/spelling etc. and so many more important things! Really! I mean it! Especially my 2nd/other main site worker my mom. The best person ever! - Cash We hope to see more to this page in the future but also it wont bother me and its not a huge goal if we don't see more people on here because we/I got this! Spread the word of the site and the app/social site online free and on the app etc. and the free account public or private amazing system/badge system and so much more! 

Wix Sticker

Besides me and my mom, nothing would be able to run without, the/my website/app, servers for them,  also, and just servers, keep them up and running, and the back end of the site/and some what app but mostly site just like everything, to keep them and the domain of where you visit the site mostly but also and/app up also mostly 24-7 99% of the time and more, for the apps on the site/app/cookies, and the site being up in general because of some glitches I cant fix, servers, developers, and some of the services/apps they offer also from the app devs/developers and coders etc., to/analytics! And so much more. Thank you Wix for playing a good part in helping out week to week, and being also a part of our third member of the team, or I should say the thousands of you and that have helped me and Cash Richard/,, and more/the whole community and my/our, us whole community!

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