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Civic integrity

We're working to prepare for elections, elevate credible information, and help keep you safe on Cash Richard and Cash Richard Social.


The mission of our civic integrity work is to protect the conversation on Cash Richard Social during elections or other civic processes.

We do this actively by helping elevate credible information, promoting safety, collaborating with partners, and providing transparency along the way.

Promote safety

We’re always looking for ways to strengthen Cash Richard against attempted manipulation, malicious automated accounts, and spam, as well as other activities that violate Cash Richard/Social Rules.

Enhanced account security

We proactively help protect and secure accounts of government officials, candidates for office, journalists, and other people on Cash Richard/Social whose accounts may be particularly vulnerable during certain civic processes. For supported civic events, accounts will be reminded to use a strong password, strongly encouraged to check the third-party apps they’ve connected to their accounts. We will also enable password reset protection for accounts by default to help prevent unauthorized password changes.

Local enforcement guidance

We research and update our enforcement guidance to ensure our policies are implemented with local context and understanding, to help keep individuals that are particularly vulnerable during civic events safe.

Platform manipulation and spam monitoring

We investigate and remove accounts, hashtags, repo$t$, spam, and fake engagement that seeks to manipulate the public conversation.


Provide transparency

We aim to be open and transparent about the steps we take and actively incorporate your feedback into our practices.

Transparency around elections


Collaborate with partners  

Elections and civic engagement partnerships are critical for tracking and promoting democratic conversation and engagement through Cash Richard/Social.

Trusted information

We look to trusted regional experts who can provide the most up-to-date, relevant, and credible information. It’s important for us to curate and elevate these voices so you can get accurate information when you come to Cash Richard and Cash Richard Social.

We work alongside political parties, researchers, experts, and election commissions and regulators around the world. We also stay in touch with national parties and state and local election officials to be sure they know how to report suspicious activity, abuse, and rule violations to us. Key election stakeholders also have channels to directly escalate any issues or concerns to us.

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