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People come to Cash Richard™/Cash Richard Social™, to connect, scroll n explore™, get it done™, and discover features never before seen on a social media site/app! The everything social media site/app!™ Oh and all free, including your account, & everything besides our shop of course

Advertising your self/business, organization, or whatever it is, even not profit business is made easy with Cash Richard™/Social™! You can do this all for free with our amazing features, and customization options, or payed with our amazing badges/handles, with benefits/features, and more to support you!

Help them discover your business!


Some examples of self promoting with the business badge/handle/verified etc., one time purchase, and pinned po$t™! 


Stay updated with everything that's happening and happened so far this 2023! #updated #stayupdated #stayinformed

People are likely to click on eye catching ads in there CRSOCIAL™ feed!

This leads to views to your profile, or if your a professional profile/business or organization/creator, no profit etc., this will lead to clicks and views else where that you have linked to your profile! 

But the main thing, views/follows. messages, po$t™ views, and interactions with your po$t$™, and profile, and more here!

Did someone say traffic traffic traffic traffic? 


Advertising solutions to fit your goals!

Profile tools. Customize your profile, make sure its public of course, ad a profile picture, information about you, links, fill in most of the fields and make sure the APPRIPRIATE ones are public, and so much more! More here in the help center/tutorial center for items like this but also/safety!

Po$t$ boosting tools with our subscription, and business subscription handles/verified badges, or just apply for the main ones/most of them, and buy one of them on the side for bennefits etc.! More here.

Profile boosting with buying pinned po$t$/ad po$t$ for you, for a certain amount of time with us. New plan we have, monthly purchase, or one time purchase, for 10$ one time purchase get 1 free pined po$t at the top of the main category of your approved ad, and for 10$ a month, get up to 3 promoted po$t$ not including pinned po$t$ a month! For more information, go to

Read more from our post/article and blog on it here. 

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