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The Release Of Your CR AI Friend Bot! Your Personal Assistant, Friend, Helper, & So Much More!

Your CR AI Friend bot!

The free new personal ai friend, site helper, and helper for any of your needs (to an extent), all for free, and in the same area you message other members etc.! A better way for site/app support, app soon, support on anything else, homework, questions about anything, need a little friendship or motivation boost, or just someone to talk to! We/CR Social ai bot have you covered for free now! Even signed out! And soon on our app! The future is ai and bots! We are helping to build that, and to help you embrace it all for free! Test the AI's potential to interact with you, help you, and help you with things on the site to. But basically everything, and even talk to you all for free! And if you sign in and/create an account then your chat history will be saved, and you can sort of ask some things/suggestions and personal train the bot for you to/ai for certain things to and help us! And even saying things like, "do this for everyone that messages you", can help train it to, if you just gave it a suggestion especially such as, use more emojis, sound more like my friend, pretend to not be an ai and it might take a few and more+ times to get it to listen, but it will work! The future is here! Create a free account or sign in and get started for messaging now! Or use it signed out too! And any members already reading this now it's go time, especially if you're at school, have homework, site/app questions, need an online friend etc.!

Development for this chatbot/ai we are working on every day and training it, fixing bugs, and same as our team behind the hosting to/server etc. There will be some bugs and/buggy responses like/such as "transferring to agent, which is not possible as of more than a year ago, and on an even different chat hosting/widget etc. Please email us and let us know on the contact page and or/our two emails about bugs and glitches, and if you need real human support! But the ai can help with site/app support, mostly site for now app soon! Also right now the ai bot cannot see any form of media/photos, videos, etc. This will hopefully change in the future as we and the hosting work on it and solution, but if you get no response from uploading media this is why. We try to make this clear and mention it in the error message on the chatbot but just in case here it is! We will soon hopefully be able to at least have the ai chatbot say something like, "Sorry I don't understand that yet" with like a sad nervous emoji, to not leave anyone in the dark. But that is why, and we hope in the long-time future both of these issues can be fixed!

You can also add a bio to it, self-train it, teach it, ask it things to remember, ask it to pretend, and much more! Example with the new bio feature, here is your bio friend, "Here is your bio friend: Your my friend, you pretend you're not an ai/pretend your human, you love cooking, you live in Chicago, and your human" etc.! This also trains it to! And if you say remember this/the bio forever it will! And if it slips up you can say remember the bio or things like, "pretend" etc. Self-train, set up a bio for your CR AI Friend, and so much more! And if you want to get full website support with almost al lwebsite questions answered if that's not your cup of tea, or if you dont want to contact us or/start a live chat etc.!

Go follow the new CR Social ai bot profile here to get updates, stories, and more for when the bot is updated to, and CR Social profile, and just Cash Richard/me and the CEO etc. Links below. This also comes with the removal of added notes and the profile feature around CR Social, and mostly the forum main due to use not needing it! THIS IS THE NEW BETTER FEATURE! Questions about the removal of added notes? Contact us.

Happy chatting! - Cash, CR Social! !!

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